1. News on Wikipedia: Explosions in China, Brazilian protests, and more

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    Find out how Wikipedia is covering this week’s current news events: A bomb blast near a shrine in central Bangkok kills 23 people; Protesters in more than 200 Brazilian cities demand the resignation of Dilma Rouseff; A series of massive explosions in Tianjin, China, kill more than 114 people; American golfer Jordan Spieth becomes world number one, while Australian Jason Day wins the 2015 PGA... Read more

  2. Improving computer science articles on the Portuguese Wikipedia

    In 2005, Professor Ruy de Queiroz of the Universidade Federal de Pernambuco (UFPE) in Brazil was browsing articles on the Portuguese Wikipedia in logic and the theory of computation, his speciality. Ruy found them disappointingly lacking — but when he browsed the same articles on the English Wikipedia, he realized that they were quite good. So Ruy set out to change the Portuguese Wikipedia’... Read more

  3. Brazilian Wikipedia editing workshop in homage to International Women’s Day

    After learning the basics needed to create a Wikipedia article, the participants improved existing articles related to feminism, as part of a celebration of International Women’s Day Knowledge is power: no one should doubt that. Although the possibility of contributing knowledge to the biggest encyclopedia of the world, Wikipedia, is free and open for anyone, about 91 percent of its editors ... Read more

  4. Design professor encourages students to improve Portuguese Wikipedia

    Iara Camargo had one term of teaching experience when a professor in her Ph.D. program at the University of São Paulo forwarded her an open call from the Wikipedia Education Program in Brazil. The program was looking for faculty members who were interested in assigning students to write Wikipedia articles as part of their coursework. Iara, excited by the prospect, signed up. Professora Iara Camar... Read more

  5. Improving evolution articles on the Portuguese Wikipedia through class: Professor Yuri Leite

    “I think that the knowledge produced by high-qualified college students should be available to anyone,” Professor Yuri Leite says. That’s why he has encouraged his biology students at the Universidade Federal do Espírito Santo in Vitória, Brazil, to contribute to Wikipedia as part of their course assignments. The idea came to him one day in 2009, when he was coordinating a gr... Read more

  6. Wikipedia and university beyond the classroom

    In August 2011, I offered a course called Wikipedia in Roman History for an undergraduate History course at UNIRIO, Brazil. This was the first experiment in teaching with Wikipedia supported by the Wikipedia Education Program in Brazil. Now the program is well established and new courses are added each term, all of them incorporating graded assignments with Wikipedia though a variety of universit... Read more

  7. Professor in Brazil finds Wikipedia assignment brings greater student learning

    Edivaldo Moura Santos grew up in the countryside of the state of São Paulo, Brazil. The son of sharecroppers who worked on plantations in the region, Edivaldo discovered a love for physics in his first year of high school in the small town of Itupeva. It led him to work hard and pursue a bachelor’s and then a Ph.D. in physics, and then to teach students at the Universidade Federal do Rio d... Read more

  8. New Case Studies brochure highlights how professors teach with Wikipedia

    A new brochure released by the Wikimedia Foundation on-wiki and in PDF contains case studies of how university instructors around the world have used Wikipedia as a teaching tool. The brochure features 15 professors from 6 different countries, including 9 different assignments professors have used and 5 different ways of grading the assignments. For example, Professor Juliana Bastos Marques of... Read more

  9. Wikipédia na Universidade update from Brazil

    The Wikipedia Education Program is taking off in Brazil! As we’re entering the final month of the semester, I had the opportunity to visit the different professors of the courses, and work with the Wikimedia Foundation’s Brazilian team to see how we can close the semester well and prepare well for the upcoming semester of classes. I obviously already knew we had a great team on the groun... Read more

  10. Wikipedia Education Program pilot kicks off in Brazilian universities

    Even before the Wikimedia Foundation launched its pilot Wikipedia Education Program in Brazil, professor Juliana Bastos Marques, together with Campus Ambassador Otavio Louvem, demonstrated successful work using Wikipedia inside a university. Through their work, they engaged more than 20 students and considerably improved the quality of articles about Roman history. This course was a example of ... Read more