Article feedback

  1. Article Feedback: New research and next steps

    This feedback form engages readers to contribute to Wikipedia How can we engage readers to contribute productively to Wikipedia? Our recent work on Article Feedback v5 (AFT) provides new insights on that question. In this post, we’d like to share what we’ve learned by analyzing feedback and moderation activity — as well as give a quick update on our next steps for this project, w... Read more

  2. Article feedback v5 starts wider deployment on Wikipedia

    I am happy to announce that Wikimedia’s editor engagement team has started a wider deployment of Article Feedback version 5 on the English Wikipedia. This new version of Article Feedback provides a new way for readers to contribute productively on Wikipedia. It engages them to make suggestions about articles they are reading — and invites editors to improve these articles based on this fee... Read more

  3. Converting readers into editors: New results from Article Feedback v5

    Since December 2011, the Wikimedia Foundation has been testing a new version of the Article Feedback Tool, a feature first introduced on the English Wikipedia in 2010. The goal of version 5 (AFTv5) is to engage Wikipedia readers to become more active contributors, by inviting them to provide feedback on articles they read, and encouraging them to become editors over time.  Early tests of AFTv5 h... Read more

  4. Helping readers improve Wikipedia: First results from Article Feedback v5

    Figure 1. One of the feedback forms tested in the AFTv5 experiments (Option 1).   The Wikimedia Foundation, in collaboration with editors of the English Wikipedia, is developing a tool to enable readers to contribute productively to building the encyclopedia. To that end, we started development of a new version of the Article Feedback Tool (known as AFTv5) in October 2011. The original ver... Read more

  5. Getting ready for when the freeze is done

    When you look at the “sprint backlog” in mingle (guest, guest), you may notice that even though we have been slowed down because of the slush, the feature freeze because of the imminent MediaWiki release, we are not sitting on our hands. Documentation, testing, code review and outreach is on our agenda. Because of the way we are planning, it is apparent how much code review actually ge... Read more

  6. Expanded Use of Article Feedback Tool

    Today on English Wikipedia we rolled out the Article Feedback Tool – previously featured on 3,000 English Wikipedia articles – to a larger set of 100,000 articles. This initial expansion is intended to further assess both the tool’s value and its performance characteristics, with an eye to a full deployment on Wikipedia and potentially other projects. Some examples of articles t... Read more

  7. Article Feedback Pilot: Next Version

    On March 14, we launched v2.0 of the Article Feedback Tool.  Version 2.0 is represents a continuation of the work we started last September.  To quickly recap, the tool was originally launched as a part of the Public Policy Initiative.  In November, the feature was added to about 50-60 articles on the English Wikipedia, in addition to the Public Policy articles.  The purpose of adding the tool... Read more

  8. Article feedback pilot goes live

    As recently announced on the tech blog and in the Signpost, we’re launching an experimental new tool today to capture article feedback from readers as part of the Public Policy Initiative. We’re also inviting the user community to help determine its future by joining a workgroup tasked with evaluating it.... Read more

  9. Article Feedback Pilot: Edit this Feature!

    As recently announced on this blog and in the Signpost, we’re planning to roll out a new experimental tool to capture article feedback from readers, as part of the Public Policy Initiative. It will be an opportunity for the user community to directly participate in the assessment and development of the feature if the test proves successful.... Read more