1. Content Translation is coming soon as a beta feature

    "Cx-new-languages" by Runabhattacharjee, under CC-Zero

    The Wikimedia Foundation’s Language Engineering team is happy to announce a new beta version of its Content Translation tool, which aims to make it easier to translate Wikipedia articles. (…)... Read more

  2. Adding guided tours to Wikipedia

    One of the great strengths of Wikipedia is that community members can employ the same tool used to write the encyclopedia – a wiki – for collaborating on documentation about the project. The downside of this approach is that these pages, written by encyclopedists, tend to be broad and extremely detailed. New contributors to Wikipedia face a daunting list of thousands of help pages, policies, g... Read more

  3. Google Summer of Code students reach project milestones

    This year, the MediaWiki community again participated in Google Summer of Code, in which we selected nine students to work on new features or specific improvements to the software. They were sponsored by Google and mentored by experienced developers, who helped them become part of the development community and guided their code development. Congratulations to the eight students who have made it th... Read more

  4. Improving the accuracy of the active editors metric

    We are making a change to our active editor metric to increase accuracy, by eliminating double-counting and including Wikimedia Commons in the total number of active editors. The active editors metric is a core metric for both the Wikimedia Foundation and the Wikimedia communities and is used to measure the overall health of the different communities. The total number of active editors is defined ... Read more

  5. Wikimedia Foundation selects nine students for summer software projects

    We received 63 proposals for this year’s Google Summer of Code, and several mentors put many hours into evaluating project ideas, discussing them with applicants and making the tough decisions. We’re happy to announce our final choices, the Google Summer of Code students for 2012: Ankur Anand, working on integrating Flickr upload and geolocation into UploadWizard. WMF engineer Ryan Kal... Read more

  6. Project ideas, students, and mentors wanted to improve Wikimedia tech this summer

    For the seventh year in a row, Wikimedia Foundation is participating in the Google Summer of Code program. Google Summer of Code (GSoC) is a program where Google pays summer students USD 5000 each to code for open source projects for three months (read more). We hope 2012’s students will develop useful chunks of MediaWiki, help us get their code shipped, and fall in love with our community s... Read more

  7. US Cultural Partnerships Coordinator: Lori Byrd Phillips

    The Wikimedia Foundation is pleased to announce Lori Byrd Phillips as the United States Cultural Partnerships Coordinator in 2012. Through this new position within the Global Development department, the US Cultural Partnerships Coordinator will lead in building the infrastructure needed to support the growing interest in Wikimedia partnerships among cultural institutions in the United States, ulti... Read more

  8. Do It Yourself Analytics with Wikipedia

    As you probably know, we publish on a regular basis backups of the different Wikimedia projects, containing their complete editing history. As time progresses, these backups grow larger and larger and become increasingly harder to analyze. To help the community, researchers and other interested people, we have developed a number of analytic tools to assist you in analyzing these large datasets. To... Read more

  9. New comparative study to re-examine the quality and accuracy of Wikipedia

    Much of Wikipedians’ efforts is devoted to ensuring the quality of the encyclopedia they are producing collaboratively – the community is constantly working to improve it. The effectiveness of this work has been recognized many times, perhaps most notably in a study published in 2005 by the scientific journal Nature which compared entries in the English Wikipedia with those in the online e... Read more

  10. Announcing the WikiChallenge Winners

    Over the past couple of months, the Wikimedia Foundation, Kaggle and ICDM organized a data competition. We asked data scientists around the world to use Wikipedia editor data and develop an algorithm that predicts the number of future edits, and in particular predicts correctly who will stop editing and who will continue to edit. The response has been great! We had 96 teams compete, comprising in ... Read more