WMF engineering reports


Wikimedia engineering report, August 2014

Major news in August includes: the Wikimania 2014 conference in London, and the associated hackathon; a statement on Wikipedia Zero and net neutrality; progress on the new content translation tool and its passing the milestone of 100 translated articles.

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Wikimedia engineering report, July 2014

Major news in July include: a recap of how the Operations team collaborated with the RIPE NCC to measure the delivery of Wikimedia sites to users in Asia and elsewhere; an analysis of the impact of the San Francisco data center on the speed of Wikimedia sites; the launch of…

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<a href="https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Flow_update_for_WMF_Metrics_presentation.pdf">"Flow update for WMF Metrics presentation"</a> by <a href="https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/User:S_Page_(WMF)">S Page (WMF)</a>, under <a href="http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/legalcode">CC-BY-SA-3.0</a>

Wikimedia engineering report, June 2014

Major news in June include: the release of the new Wikipedia for Android app, preceded by its beta version; the decision to move away from Bugzilla in favor of Phabricator; A new tablet view for Wikimedia sites. Note: We’re also providing a shorter, simpler and translatable version of this report…

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Wikimedia engineering report, May 2014

Major news in May include: changes to the mobile site to better show the editors behind the curtain; the announcement of CyrusOne in Dallas as the location of the new Wikimedia data center; the Zürich hackathon and Lila Tretikov’s perspective on it; experiments by the Growth team to encourage more…

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Wikimedia engineering report, April 2014

Major news in April include: the change of format of MediaWiki localization files from PHP to JSON, and the associated modernization of the LocalisationUpdate extension; the move of Wikimedia Labs to a new data center; the “Heartbleed” security vulnerability and how the Wikimedia Foundation’s team responded to it; an explanation…

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Wikimedia engineering report, March 2014

Major news in March include: an overview of webfonts, and the advantages and challenges of using them on Wikimedia sites; a series of essays written by Google Code-in students who shared their impressions, frustrations and surprises as they discovered the Wikimedia and MediaWiki technical community; Hovercards now available as a…

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Wikimedia engineering report, February 2014

Major news in February include: a call for volunteers to test the upcoming multimedia viewer; improvements to VisualEditor’s media and template editors; the launch of the Flow discussion system on two pilot talk pages on the English Wikipedia; the launch of guided tours to 31 more language versions of Wikipedia,…

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Wikimedia engineering report, January 2014

Major news in January include: the transition of our search engines on Wikimedia sites to ElasticSearch; a presentation of how the Tech newsletter works, including a historical perspective; an invitation to comment on the 2-year vision of the multimedia engineering team; a request for comments on whether the MP4 video…

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Wikimedia engineering report, December 2013

Major news in December include: a retrospective on Language Engineering events, including the language summit in Pune, India; the launch of a draft feature on the English Wikipedia, to provide a gentler start for Wikipedia articles. Note: We’re also providing a shorter, simpler and translatable version of this report that…

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Wikimedia engineering report, November 2013

Major news in November include: Beta Features, a new way for users to try out new features on Wikipedia and other Wikimedia sites before they are released for everyone; The launch of our search for a VP of Engineering; A retrospective by the Mobile engineering team on best practices for…

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