Usability initiative

  1. Give us a B! Give us an I!

    An update from the Wikipedia Usability Initiative – the team working to streamline and simplify the editing experience on Wikipedia. You asked and we listened.  In an effort to be comprehensible in many languages, the Usability Initiative’s beta toolbar used the letter “A” for character formatting icons.  In our recent release, we updated the toolbar to use language-speci... Read more

  2. Iframe bugs

    The usability initiative recently deployed some changes to the beta features, most notably the replacement of the textarea on the edit page with a content-editable iframe (mistakenly referred to as a “rich text editor” by some users). Users at various wikis have reported some issues resulting from this change. We’re fixing these bugs as fast as we can and deploying fixes as soon ... Read more

  3. Deployment of Babaco Enhancements

    The Usability Team is preparing a supplemental release which will bring more stability and functionality to the features of their Babaco release, which has been available to logged in users of Wikimedia sites since October 2009. Among the changes which have been made are many improvements in interactivity and aesthetics, but the most critical change is using an HTML iframe element together with a ... Read more

  4. Multimedia Usability Project Underway

    Some new faces have joined the Foundation’s multimedia usability project, and important developments are underway to improve uploading and sharing of multimedia materials on Wikimedia’s projects. We are excited that Guillaume Paumier, Product Manager of the Ford multimedia usability project , has moved from Toulouse, France and joined the Wikimedia usability team at our San Francisco o... Read more

  5. How is the usability beta doing?

    Thank you for your feedback and comments about the usability beta through the survey and via the usability project wiki. The usability beta initially started off with the new skin called Vector and the toolbar (release nickname: Acai) in early July and it was enhanced with the navigable table of contents within the editing box and dialogues for links, tables, and search & replace (release nick... Read more

  6. Beyond Text: Report from the Multimedia Usability Meeting in Paris

    What’s Wikimedia Commons? Expanding our collective knowledge requires not just text, but contemporary and historical photographs, paintings, maps, figures, video footage, spoken text, animations — in short, multimedia. With more than 5.5 million freely usable media files, Wikimedia Commons is a vast repository of such content. It was founded in 2004 to be the central clearinghouse and ... Read more

  7. UX + Usability Study Take Two!

      The Wikipedia Usability Initiative partnered with Bolt Peters and Davis Research to evaluate the changes we’ve implemented so far and inform our work moving forward.  If you don’t know what changes we are talking about, check out our Beta (including a new skin, new toolbar, improved search, and more) by following these instructions. Overall, the study confirmed that we are on t... Read more

  8. English Wikinews adopted the usability beta as default

    Earlier today, English Wikinews adopted the usability beta as a default interface. The usability team is thrilled that en.wikinews community has reached the consensus to be the first adopter of the usability beta as default. We will continue enhancing the interface to simplify and make it easy to navigate and edit.  Our sincere appreciation goes to the entire en.wikinews community for embracing o... Read more

  9. Usability Beta Enhancements

    Thanks for trying out the usability beta. Close to 280,000 people tried out the usability beta and about 220,000 people continue using it. One of the most-frequently reported frustration about the beta was that (1) watch/unwatch was hidden under the drop-down menu and (2) tabs overlaps when the browser is scaled down or the resolution is low. Tab issues were more significant for language communiti... Read more

  10. Click Tracking on Edit Toolbar deployed

    After many a hearty SQL battle, we finally have click tracking deployed on the wikimedia projects! What’s being tracked? Which buttons are clicked on the toolbar during editing What information is being recorded? The button clicked, the time of the click, total edit count of the user clicking, and edit count for the last 1, 3, 6 months What information is NOT being recorded? Individually ide... Read more