Summer of code

  1. Google Summer of Code students reach project milestones

    Congratulations to the seven Google Summer of Code students who made it through the summer of 2011! They all accomplished a great deal, but want to continue contributing to ensure their work maximally benefits Wikimedia. Yuvi Panda‘s assessment parsing/aggregating extension aims “to make it easier to select and export article selections for various offline collections.” Yuvi need... Read more

  2. MediaWiki’s Google Summer of Code students halfway through projects

    MediaWiki’s Google Summer of Code students have been busy! We’re more than halfway through the summer, so here’s what they’re up to: Akshay Agarwal’s “Account Creation, Login Screens and AJAX-ification of everything” (mentor: Brandon Harris). Code, project status. The last task I accomplished: “Added source tracking functionality in the account creation API ... Read more

  3. MediaWiki selects eight students for Google Summer of Code 2011

    We received more than 25 proposals for this year’s Google Summer of Code, and several mentors put many hours into evaluating project ideas, discussing them with applicants, and making the tough decisions.  Our final choices, the Google Summer of Code students for MediaWiki for 2011: Akshay Agarwal‘s “Account Creation, Login Screens and AJAX-ification of everything” (mentor... Read more

  4. Project ideas, students, and mentors wanted for Google Summer of Code

    Wikimedia is participating in the Google Summer of Code program. The MediaWiki community is looking for students, mentors and project ideas.... Read more

  5. Google Summer of Code conclusion

    This past week marked this year’s conclusion of Google Summer of Code.  This has turned out to be a very successful year for us and we hope for the students as well.  Here are this year’s projects: Extension management platform – Creating an awesome extension management platform for MediaWiki, facilitating the installation, updating, removal and configuration of extensions.  S... Read more

  6. WMF announces our Google Summer of Code 2010 projects

    Once again in 2010, Wikimedia Foundation is participating in Google Summer of Code.  We’re happy to announce that we’ve selected six students to participate this summer:... Read more

  7. MediaWiki’s new discussion system in testing on Wikimedia Labs

    I’m very excited to announce that LiquidThreads, the next-generation discussion system that I’ve spent the last few months developing for the Wikimedia Foundation, is now in beta testing on Read more

  8. Google Summer of Code student projects accepted!

    Reposting the announce from Roan’s wikitech-l mailing list post: Yesterday, the selection of GSoC projects was officially announced. For MediaWiki, the following projects have been accepted: Niklas Laxström (Nikerabbit), mentored by Siebrand, will be working on improving localization and internationalization in MediaWiki, as well as improving the Translate extension used on Read more

  9. Google Summer of Code student applications open for Wikimedia!

    Google Summer of Code is now open for student applications! We’ve had 5 submissions come in so far… don’t be shy! :) Also don’t be shy about hanging out on our mailing lists and IRC channels and getting feedback from other MediaWiki developers on your project ideas. The more feedback you get, the better you can make your submission… and the awesomer the result will be... Read more

  10. Google Summer of Code needs you… to mentor student projects!

    We’re a mentoring organization for the Google Summer of Code again this year, and we’re dead set on making it our awesomest summer ever! One key thing though is making sure that students and potential students have access to a mentor who can answer their questions and just help steer them into becoming an active member of our development community. If you’re an experienced MediaW... Read more