1. Video Labs: Kaltura HTML5 Sequencer available on Wikimedia Commons

    I am happy to invite the Wikimedia community to try out the latest Kaltura HTML5 video sequencer as part of a Wikimedia/Kaltura Video Labs project that can now be used on Wikimedia Commons with resulting sequences visible on any Wikimedia project. For those that have been following the efforts, it has been a long road to  deliver this sequence editing experience within the open web platform and w... Read more

  2. Fun with Subtitles

    We have just finished up the Multimedia Usability Project Meeting here in France. I am sure there will be more general wrap up coverage of the meeting shortly… but I wanted to share a hack we worked here. For a long time people have requested subtitle support for mediaWiki embed videos and at this meeting we were finally able to sit down and hack up an initial solution. The system works by p... Read more

  3. New Media Features Gadget

    I would like to announce that some of the new media features are now available in gadget form on Wikimedia Commons and the English Wikipedia. These include a new ogg player, the add media wizard, and firefogg upload support. I hope having these components in gadget form will enable some more testing and feedback :) Getting Started to enable these components you must turn on the mwEmbed gadget. You... Read more

  4. MediaWiki’s new discussion system in testing on Wikimedia Labs

    I’m very excited to announce that LiquidThreads, the next-generation discussion system that I’ve spent the last few months developing for the Wikimedia Foundation, is now in beta testing on Read more

  5. FlaggedRevs test wiki awaits you!

    Apparently due to some miscommunications, a lot of people didn’t realize that the FlaggedRevs labs test wiki has been active and waiting for people to poke at it for a month, since just before Wikimania! We need interested people to be get up as local administrators to try out the the per-page stabilization settings (accessed via the ‘protect’ tab); by default most pages do not a... Read more

  6. Theora 1.1 Released

    Theora 1.1 has been released. This release reflects the efforts of developers who over the past year have done incredible work to greatly improve the core free codec video library. This effort has been support by Mozilla Foundation, Red Hat and others. These improvements include: Better-looking videos or Smaller files at the same quality. Much faster decoder. Two-pass mode for making file... Read more

  7. Massive Theora Encoder Improvements on the Way

    As part of the Mozilla development grant Timothy in collaboration with other xiph hackers has been hard at work on improving the theora encoder. I am happy to share an updated report that Monty has put together. I will jump to the zinger: “Test versions of Thusnelda are pulling *ahead* of h264 in terms of objective quality as bitrate increases” These objective measurements are based on... Read more

  8. OpenStreetMap maps will be added to Wikimedia projects

    There has been rapid progress on the subject of adding OpenStreetMap maps to Wikimedia projects (e.g. Wikipedia) during the MediaWiki Developer Meet-Up taking place right now in Berlin. We now have a clear plan of action for getting OpenStreetMap maps embedded in Wikimedia wiki (e.g. Wikipedia) pages: Wikimedia will set up a database to mirror the OSM data (Planet.osm) Wikimedia will set up its ow... Read more

  9. Add Media Wizard and Firefogg on

    I am inviting people to check out the add media wizard and Firefogg on help test go to you user preferences on that server and enable the add media wizard gadget. You can add general feedback here. This post is cross posted on Basic Feature Overview: The Add Media Wizard adds a little “add media” button to every edit page letting you open up media sear... Read more

  10. Upload-by-URL for

    Since we increased the upload filesize limit to 100MB on the main wikis a few months ago it’s been easier to upload large images and medium-size video clips, but there’s always something that’s just a leeeeetle over the limit… MediaWiki’s upload form does have an option for pulling a file from an external web site, which wouldn’t be restricted to the HTTP post l... Read more