1. VisualEditor gadgets

    This post was written by two recipients of Individual Engagement Grants. These grants are awarded by the Wikimedia Foundation and aim to support Wikimedians in completing projects that benefit the Wikimedia movement. The grantees of this project work independently from the Foundation in the creation of their project. Directionality tool. An example for useful site specific additional button to VE... Read more

  2. Language Engineering Events – Language Summit, Fall 2013

    The Wikimedia Language Engineering team, along with Red Hat, organised the Fall edition of the Open Source Language Summit in Pune, India on November 18 and 19, 2013. Members from the Language Engineering, Mobile, VisualEditor, and Design teams of the Wikimedia Foundation joined participants from Red Hat, Google, Adobe, Microsoft Research, Indic language projects, Open Source Projects (Fedora, Deb... Read more

  3. Introducing Beta Features

    We’re pleased to announce Beta Features, a way you can try out new features on Wikipedia and other Wikimedia sites before they are released for everyone. Beta Features lets developers roll out new software in an environment where lots of users can use these features, then give feedback to help make them better. You can think of it as a digital laboratory – where community members can previ... Read more

  4. Translate the user interface of Wikipedia’s new VisualEditor

    The VisualEditor beta release is being gradually rolled out to all Wikipedia editors in all languages. This is one the most exciting developments in the history of Wikipedia, because it will make editing the site accessible to the general public, rather than just to the people who have the patience to learn Wikipedia’s arcane markup language. To make this accessibility really complete, howe... Read more

  5. Updates from the Language Engineering Google Summer of Code projects

    Google Summer of Code (GSoC) 2013 is well underway on the coding phase. Four projects this year are related to various aspects of MediaWiki and Wikimedia internationalization initiatives. On completion of these 4 projects, we expect to present: an Android app for MediaWiki translation, browser extensions for the input methods in jQuery.ime (Project Milkshake), Right-to-Left language support in the... Read more

  6. Wikipedians: Meet VisualEditor and help with the rollout

    Today, the Wikimedia Foundation enabled VisualEditor–the visual interface to edit wiki pages–for all logged-in users on the English Wikipedia. Now, we need your help to ensure that editors are informed about how VisualEditor works, and that they can find help if they need it. There are various reasons that lead existing and prospective contributors not to edit; among them, the complexi... Read more

  7. Preparing for VisualEditor on all Wikipedias

    This post is available in 5 languages: English • Bangla • Deutsch • español • français   After several years of development and testing, VisualEditor, the new visual interface to edit Wikipedia pages, will soon be available in “beta” form for all users. This lets Wikipedia editors create and modify articles visually, using a new system where the articles they edit will l... Read more

  8. The alpha version of the VisualEditor is now in 15 languages

    Today the Wikimedia Foundation launched an alpha, opt-in version of the VisualEditor to fourteen Wikipedias, which follows our release to the English Wikipedia in December. The VisualEditor lets editors create and modify real articles visually, using a new system where the articles they edit will look the same as when one reads them — like writing a document in a word processor. Editors on f... Read more

  9. Parsoid: How Wikipedia catches up with the web

    Wikitext, as a Wikipedia editor has to type it in (above), and the resulting rendered HTML that a reader sees in her browser (below) When the first wiki saw the light of the world in 1995, it simplified HTML syntax in a revolutionary way, and its inventor Ward Cunningham chose its name after the Hawaiian word for “fast.” When Wikipedia launched in 2001, its rapid success was thanks to ... Read more

  10. Help us test and investigate VisualEditor

    One of the most important and challenging software development projects at the Wikimedia Foundation right now is VisualEditor: a rich-text editor for Wikipedia that does not require users to learn MediaWiki’s markup syntax. Today, we need your help to make it more robust and reliable.... Read more