Internationalization and localization

  1. Check out these new features and extensions kicked off at Google Summer of Code 2015

    Image by Faebot, freely licensed under OGL 1.0.

    The last Google Summer of Code and Outreachy rounds are over. Take a look to the awesome projects completed and the the new features that you should keep an eye out for! For the first time, all Wikimedia projects that passed the evaluation were immediately deployed in production or Wikimedia Labs.... Read more

  2. Over 5,000 new articles created with the Content Translation tool

    Updated selector with image thumbnails for search results. Screenshot by Runa Bhattacharjee, freely licensed under CC0 1.0

    The Content Translation Tool makes it easier to create new new Wikipedia articles from other languages. It is now available as a beta-feature in 148 Wikipedias — and was used to create more than 5,000 new articles since January 2015. Learn more in this update from the Wikimedia Foundation’s Language Engineering team.... Read more

  3. A translation rally invites volunteers to localize technical messages for MediaWiki software

    Photo by Christian Mehlführer, CC BY-SA 3.0.

    Volunteers from around the world localized tens of thousands of technical messages for open source software, in a translation rally hosted by Wikimedia Sverige during nine days in May. This triggered a four-fold increase in activity on the translation platform Read more

  4. The new Content Translation tool is now used on 22 Wikipedias

    Screenshot by Runa Bhattacharjee, freely licensed under CC0 1.0

    The Content Translation tool makes it easier to create new Wikipedia articles from other languages. In the past three months, this tool has been used by over 260 editors to create more than 850 articles in 22 Wikipedias.... Read more

  5. How content translation improved my wiki edits

    Photo by Flamenc, freely licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0

    The Content Translation tool has made it a lot easier for Catalan Wikimedians to quickly translate existing Wikipedia articles to and from their mother language.... Read more

  6. Try Content Translation: A quick way to create new articles from other languages

    Try Content Translation: A quick way to create new articles from other languages. This new tool makes it easy to translate articles from one language to another. It is now available as a beta feature in 8 different languages. (…)... Read more

  7. Content Translation is coming soon as a beta feature

    "Cx-new-languages" by Runabhattacharjee, under CC-Zero

    The Wikimedia Foundation’s Language Engineering team is happy to announce a new beta version of its Content Translation tool, which aims to make it easier to translate Wikipedia articles. (…)... Read more

  8. Content Translation: Announcing Version 3

    Content Translation user dashboard

    Exciting new features are now available in the third version of the Content Translation tool. Development of the new version was recently completed and the newly added features can be used in Wikimedia’s beta environment. To use it, you first need to enable the Content Translation beta-feature in the wiki, then go to the Special Page to select the article to translate. This change in behavior wa... Read more

  9. Apertium and Wikimedia: A collaboration that powers the Content Translation tool

    Many readers of this blog know about the Content Translation initiative. This project, developed by the Language Engineering team of the Wikimedia Foundation, brings together machine translation and rich text editing to provide a quick method to create Wikipedia articles by translating them from another language. Content Translation uses Apertium as its machine translation back-end. Apertium is a ... Read more

  10. Updates in MediaWiki internationalization reflect changes from CLDR

    CLDR, the Common Locale Data Repository project from the Unicode Consortium, provides translated locale-specific information like language names, country names, currency, date/time etc. that can be used in various applications. This library, used across several platforms, is particularly useful in maintaining parity of locale information in internationalized applications. In MediaWiki, the CLDR e... Read more