Wikimedians sometimes interact both online and offline -- and these experiences are very different from each other, says anthropologist Lionel Scheepmans. Hackathon photo by Sebastiaan ter Burg, freely licensed under CC-BY-SA 2.0.

Wikimania and the differences between online and offline cultures

A Belgian anthropologist observes the differences between online and offline participation in the Wikimedia movement, based on a visit to the Wikimania 2014 conference in London. In this essay, he identifies some of the disparities between the values, ethics and organizational structures of online Wikipedia projects and offline conferences such as Wikimania.

Image by Offnfopt, CC0 1.0.

It’s time for some #tastydata

You’re invited to join the Menu Challenge, starting May 8! We could use your help to add translations, photos and/or audio recordings to Wikidata — about ingredients and dishes to be served at the ‘Taste Stockholm’ food fair. This can show the endless possibilities of open data and crowdsourcing to thousands of visitors. Let’s get some #tastydata!

You are invited to join the #100wikidays challenge, which encourages participants to create a new Wikipedia article every day for 100 days. This community program was started by Vassia Atanassova, a Bulgarian Wikipedian. Photo by Vassia Atanassova, freely licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0.

The #100wikidays challenge

You are invited to join the #100wikidays challenge, which encourages participants to create a new Wikipedia article every day for 100 days. This community program is inspired by the popular #100happydays initiative, and was started by a Bulgarian Wikipedian, to engage more people to contribute on Wikimedia projects.

Women gather for "WikiWomen Day" in Pune, India, to help each other contribute to Wikipedia and increase gender diversity in Wikimedia projects. Photo by Abhishek Suryawanshi, under CC-BY-SA-3.0.

This month’s focus: Women in Wikimedia

This month, we’re featuring stories about women and gender diversity in the Wikimedia movement, in honor of International Women’s Day and WikiWomen’s History Month. Learn more. (…)

Group editing Wikipedia at the Schomburg Center in New York City. Photo by Terrence Jennings, free license under CC BY-SA 4.0

Black History Month edit-a-thons tackle Wikipedia’s multicultural gaps

Edit-a-thons took place throughout the United States, to honor black history and help fill the multicultural gaps in Wikipedia. (…)

Participatory grantmaking works because of committees such as this one. These community members review proposals for funding and help decide what to fund. Photo by Adam Novak, CC-BY-SA-4.0.

Report finds the Wikimedia Foundation to be the largest known Participatory Grantmaking Fund

A report by the The Lafayette Practice group found that the Foundation’s participatory grantmaking program is “innovative and groundbreaking”, with the largest peer-review participation of any funder of this kind. (..)


Wikipedians go to Open Help Conference

Ocaasi, Valeriej, and the wub sprinting at Open Help Conference 2013 What do thoughtful, well-designed, engaging community help systems look like for Wikipedia? What do our help systems have in common with other open source projects, and how do they differ? In June the Wikimedia Foundation sent a team of…


Documenting the Eurovision Song Contest 2013 for Wikimedia

I got an idea in May, 2012, as the Eurovision Song Contest was ending and Loreen had just been named the 2012 winner, with her song Euphoria. Because Loreen represented Sweden, the 2013 contest would be held in my country. This would create an exciting opportunity for me and Wikipedia,…


The Wikimedia train rolls through Poland this summer

A Polish national railways class EU07 Wikimedia Polska, the Polish Wikimedia Chapter, is about to organize a Railways Expedition in collaboration with the Polish Railways Company. The photography expedition is devoted to train infrastructure in Poland and will give participants unprecedented access to sites they wouldn’t otherwise see so closely….


Have a question about Wikipedia? Ask a WikiWoman on January 17!

“What’s it like to be a Wikipedian?” “How did you get started editing?” “How do you make an account on Wikipedia?” “How do you upload a photo on Commons?” …those are just some of the many questions that people often ask those of us who edit Wikipedia and contribute to…