"Viswanadh,B.K" by విశ్వనాధ్.బి.కె., under CC-BY-SA-3.0

WikipediansSpeak: Telugu-language library catalog project helps Wikipedia grow

As part of the WikipediansSpeak series, Individual Engagement Grantee and Telugu-language Wikimedian Viswanadh.BK shares his experience with the digital library movement in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. Over 300K books housed in five libraries could be added to a Wikipedia-based catalog, now helping Wikipedians to cite and readers to easily locate books.

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Photo by Christopher Lee Adams, public domain.

#FREEBASSEL: Free culture advocate who built 3D renderings of Palmyra missing in Syria

Open-source advocate and Wikipedian Bassel Khartabil has been taken from a Syrian prison and brought to an unknown location. Photo by Christopher Lee Adams, public domain. Update: Creative Commons and others report that Bassel’s life may be in immediate danger. Noura Ghazi Safadi, Bassel’s wife, wrote on Facebook on Nov. 12th that “I’ve…

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Photo by Astrid Carlsen, freely licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0.

Join us for #Wikinobel 2015

On October 9, this year’s laureate(s) of the Nobel Peace Prize will be announced by the Nobel Committee in Oslo. Wikipedians will be there updating Wikipedia as it happens.

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Photo by Lord Koxinga, freely licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0.

Making Chinese Wikipedia more ethnologically diverse

Wikimedia Taiwan collaborate with Department of Ethnology at National Cheng-Chi University to improve Chinese Wikipedia ethnological articles.

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Photo by Giselle Bordoy WMAR, freely licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0.

What I Learned: Wikipedia Education Program in Argentina

In this new blog series, we will share a story a month that stems from the implementation and practice of Wikimedia programs in communities all over the world. In this first delivery, we review one lesson shared by Wikimedia Argentina in their latest report, that serves to describe the work done through their education program.

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Image by Joe Gratz, public domain.

Wikimedia v. NSA update: first hearing

The first hearing in Wikimedia v. NSA was held on Friday. Image by Joe Gratz, public domain. On Friday, September 25, 2015, the first hearing in Wikimedia v. NSA took place in Alexandria, Virginia. Both sides presented oral arguments regarding the government’s motion to dismiss our lawsuit against Upstream mass…

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Photo from the National Library of Wales, public domain.

The first smile and photobomb ever photographed

Six months of work at the National Library of Wales is already showing great benefits. Take, for example, the smiling boy.

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Photo designed at PLoS, modified by Wikipedia users Nina, Beao, and JakobVoss, freely licensed under CC0 1.0.

Writing an open-access encyclopedia in a closed-access world

We’re committed to the open access movement. Photo designed at PLoS, modified by Wikipedia users Nina, Beao, and JakobVoss, public domain. On Friday, Elsevier, one of the world’s largest academic publishers, announced its recent partnership with the Wikipedia Library—a program that helps editors access reliable sources to improve Wikipedia. The…

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Wikimedia Highlights, August 2015

Here are highlights from across the Wikimedia movement, as reported on this blog in August 2015: Hundreds of “black hat” English Wikipedia accounts blocked following investigation; The Hunt for Tirpitz; My life as an autistic Wikipedian; Content Translation updates from Wikimania 2015; Using Wikipedia to preserve indigenous languages of Colombia; When cultural heritage gets a digital life.

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Wikimedia opposes government’s motion to dismiss Wikimedia v. NSA

The ACLU filed an opposition yesterday to the U.S. government’s recent motion to dismiss Wikimedia v. NSA, the Wikimedia Foundation’s challenge to the National Security Agency’s “upstream” surveillance program. The filing lays out a point-by-point refutation of the government’s arguments, in advance of a hearing scheduled for September 25.

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