1. Open source hackfest benefits WMF, community

    On May 24th and 25th, the Wikimedia Foundation hosted a CiviCRM coding sprint in our San Francisco office. CiviCRM is the premier open source constituent relationship manager; WMF uses it to store donor and contribution information. Our CiviCRM database contains more than a million contact records and a million contribution records. The sprint was a terrific success. The eight participants squashe... Read more

  2. “How Wikipedia Works” hits our shelves

    Thanks to our friends at No Starch Press, San Francisco-based publishers of one of the largest and most detailed guides to Wikipedia ever printed (and available under the GFDL!) the bookshelves at Wikimedia Foundation’s offices in San Francisco are over-flowing with how-to knowledge. In January the publishers offered to provide us with a few hundred copies of “How Wikipedia Works”... Read more

  3. Sue Gardner joins Ada Initiative advisory board

    Today the Ada Initiative announced the appointment of Sue Gardner, ED of the Wikimedia Foundation, to its first advisory board. The Ada Initiative launched just a few weeks ago, and has the aim of promoting the visibility and participation of women in open-source culture. The group, founded by Valerie Aurora and Mary Gardiner, will undertake unique research in the field of women in open-source cul... Read more

  4. Wikimedia selects Watchmouse for global monitoring services

    Earlier today we announced our selection of Watchmouse website monitoring to assist both the Foundation and anyone around the world in keeping an eye on our server uptime and status.  With Watchmouse’s help, the Foundation now has a public status page, which is maintained offsite on servers independent from Wikimedia, that reports our uptime and accessibility levels from over 50 locations a... Read more

  5. A gift of visualization on Wikipedia’s birthday

    Earlier today the Washington D.C. based creative agency JESS3 posted the video above, and an informative web case study, – a follow-up to another recent case study they did on another big idea, the Internet. JESS3 (also donors to the Wikimedia Foundation) folks Leslie Bradshaw and Becca Colbaugh on the inspiration for the work: In a collaborative effort to capture... Read more

  6. Encyclopedia of Life curates Wikipedia’s species articles

    There are more than 1.9 million animals, plants, and other forms of life on Earth. In May 2007, some of the world’s leading scientists announced the development of the Encyclopedia of Life (EOL) to document them all. Inspired by biologist E. O. Wilson’s TED Wish and supported by more than $25 million in funding, the project aggregates and makes accessible information about species ranging from... Read more

  7. Wikipedia hard-cover editions now available

    This week our friends over at Pediapress announced that custom-printable books containing Wikipedia articles are now also being offered in attractive hard cover, bound editions – and in color. Previously customers could order softcover editions of books containing a customizable list of Wikipedia articles in any configuration. The new hardcover editions even contain a silk bookmark and stitc... Read more

  8. Musopen: Returning music to the public domain

    One might think that a recording of Beethoven’s or Schumann’s music is in the public domain, free for anyone to share and enjoy, but that’s only the case if the recording artists decide to make their specific performance freely available. Most recordings of classical music are, in fact, copyrighted, and can’t be used without permission. Musopen is an independent charitable ... Read more

  9. Update on Translation Toolkit

    Earlier today the folks over at Google provided an update on their progress using Translation Toolkit with volunteers and translators to improve the article count in smaller language versions of Wikipedia, including Arabic, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Swahili, Tamil and Telugu.  Google is a passionate believer in the need to translate and bring more high quality works of text to less-represented la... Read more

  10. WikiDashboard Revisited

    Ed Chi, Principal Scientist, Area Manager of Augmented Social Cognition(ASC) at Palo Alto Research Center is a prominent pioneer in social computing and a prolific researcher in the underlying mechanisms in online social systems such as Wikipedia and social tagging sites. Ed gave the keynote talk on Modeling Social Media at the Hypertext 2010 conference a few days ago. Last October, I had the priv... Read more