1. Server Decommission Donations

    At this time we have closed submissions.  We have received well over 100 requests, and will not have enough servers to cover those, let alone more.  Thanks for the submissions!  ~ RobH @ 2011-06-18 @ 10:00 EST Due to the overwhelming response, we will unfortunately not be able to reply to everyone on an individual basis.  If your organization is selected, you will receive an email from us indi... Read more

  2. Server Decommissioning Donations

    We have been upgrading and adding new servers for capacity increases as we always do, unfortunately, thanks to the more updated tech, some of our older systems just are not worth the space in our racks.  These are servers that Wikimedia has used on the projects for 3+ years, so they are out of warranty.  These are good systems though, and while we may overload them and want replacements, they ar... Read more

  3. Wikimedia donates servers to deserving non-profits.

    Every year, Wikipedia usage goes upward, and every year the technical folks working and volunteering with Wikimedia have to plan, purchase, and implement new servers to keep up to the growing popularity of Wikipedia and its sister projects.  With the advances in computing, running 9 new application servers this year took the load of 36 application servers from 3 years ago. So when we upgrade, wha... Read more

  4. Server Donation Entry Period Ending

    Just to let folks know, we have had quite a large interest in our donation of some of our decommissioned servers.  In fact, I have way too many emails! So to be fair, rather than just stop today, we will stop accepting submissions for this next Monday, September 28th.  That means if you want your proposal/request in the running, you have to have it emailed to servers@wikimedia.org by Midnight GM... Read more

  5. Server Donation Time Again!

    It is that time again.  We have approx 35 servers to donate to a good home.  These are servers that Wikimedia has used on the projects for 3+ years, so they are out of warranty and just not fast enough for us to keep using on the cluster. The servers will go out to homes for folks who are willing to pay for the freight.  They are as follows: Dual CPU 2.5 GHz AMD 3-4GB RAM Each Most have 80 GB o... Read more

  6. PMTPA Router Reboot – Scheduled Downtime (Resolved)

    Our primary router for the pmtpa cluster had to be rebooted today at 12:00 GMT.  A line card had died and needed replacing, and the system required a reboot for it to fully take effect.  Once that finished, CentralNotice was adding a lot of overhead and had to be disabled for our caching cluster to catch up.  Then the overload caused the primary database master for S3 to overload, and we are in... Read more

  7. Intermittent media server load problems

    We’ve been seeing some general slowdowns in our image and media file serving recently, including some instances in the last couple days where the sites as a whole have been affected to the point of extreme slowness or temporary inaccessibility. Domas believes this is related to this reported problem with NFS performance when ZFS snapshots are active. We’ve had some luck so far with it ... Read more

  8. WMF needs additional datacenter space

    The Wikimedia Foundation is looking to add an additional US-Based site for their primary datacenter needs. The Projects are growing up, time to grow out a bit.... Read more

  9. Pretty Servers

    Since we now have our own blog, we can do neat stuff like point out that we have photos of one of our new datacenter deployments. They are tagged on Commons with the Category of Wikimedia Servers. However, if you just want to see the new photos you can do that here. Keep in mind all these are possible due to the generous donations of our readers! Rob Halsell, Operations Engineer... Read more