Wikimedia developers from around the world met last month in Lyon, France, for the Wikimedia Hackathon 2015. To meet a few of them, watch this short video.

Developers gather in France for the 2015 Wikimedia Hackathon

Developers from around the world gathered last month in Lyon, France for the Wikimedia Hackathon 2015. Here are some of the highlights of this edition of the annual event, which invited coders to develop new features, software and tools to make editing and reading wiki projects more enjoyable and effective.

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Wikipedia meetups happen all around the world and are an easy way to learn how to edit the encyclopedia. Follow this link to find a meetup near you. You can also view the above video on YouTube and Vimeo. Video by Victor Grigas, CC-BY-SA-3.0.

How to join a Wikipedia meetup near you (VIDEO)

Wikipedia meetups happen all around the world and are an easy way to learn how to edit the encyclopedia. They help newcomers meet Wikipedia editors in person, get oriented, and become familiar with best practices. To find a meetup near you, check out this short video and companion FAQ.

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For this year's Google Code-in software development contest, Wikimedia developers mentored young students to contribute to our free codebase. Here are last year's winners. Group Photo by M4tx, freely licensed under CC-BY-SA 4.0

Wikimedia in Google Code-in 2014

What happens when you combine 48 students, 30 mentors, and an endless list of tasks? During December to January, 226 Wikimedia tasks where successfully (…)

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A word on Facebook’s Open Academy Hackathon

Students working hard on Open Source projects at the Facebook headquarters during the Open Academy hackaton event. More than 250 students, faculty and mentors met on February 6—9 for the launch event of the Facebook Open Academy program, allowing students from 25 participating universities worldwide to gain academic credit for…

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Wikimedia Israel Winter Hackathon 2013

Wikimedia Israel Winter Hackathon TLV – 2013 Over sixty volunteer programmers gathered in “Campus Tel Aviv” on December 26 to learn the software behind Wikipedia, fixing its bugs and making nifty tools with it. This was the second event of its kind organized by the Wikimedia Israel chapter, following the…

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Volunteers and staffers teach, learn, create at Amsterdam hackathon

149 participants from 31 countries came to Amsterdam in late May to teach each other and improve Wikimedia technology. Technologists taught and attended sessions on how to write and run a bot, use the new Lua templating language, how to move from Toolserver to the new Wikimedia Labs, design, Wikidata,…

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Language Engineering Development Updates and Events

In the recently concluded development sprint, the Wikimedia Language Engineering team fixed critical bugs for the Universal Language Selector, participated in several events around the world and also announced the release of the latest version of the MediaWiki Language Extension Bundle. MediaWiki Language Extension Bundle and Updates to ULS As…

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First Wikimedia hackathon in Tel Aviv, Israel

On Thursday, 23 May, just one day before the big Wikimedia hackathon in Amsterdam, Wikimedia Israel held its first hackathon in Tel-Aviv. Israel has a thriving software industry, as well as a healthy Wikipedia editing community. Despite this, there are relatively few software developers in Israel who work on Wikimedia-related…

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Join the Wikimedia hackathon in Amsterdam on May 24–26, 2013

Wikimedia Nederland is going to be host to Wikimedia Hackathon Amsterdam, the international Wikimedia developers conference, on May 24–26, 2013. The Netherlands Chapter invites MediaWiki developers, coders, hackers and other technically-inclined Wikimedians to spend a week-end in Amsterdam.* The event is open to everyone who is involved in areas such…

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