1. A strike against freedom of panorama: Swedish court rules against Wikimedia Sverige

    Sunset over Lake Mälaren with 1854 statue of Carl XIV John of Sweden removed. Statue is in the public domain. Original image by Jacob Truedson Demitz is in the public domain, derivative work by Kevin Jacobsen licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0.

    The Swedish Supreme Court ruled against Wikimedia Sweden this week, deciding that Swedish copyright law does not allow the chapter to post images in its online database without permission from the artist. The Wikimedia Foundation respectfully disagrees with this ruling.... Read more

  2. Delivering knowledge globally: Discussions about online censorship at Yale

    Photo by Sage Ross, public domain/CC0.

    In late 2015, members of the Foundation’s legal team participated in talks at Yale Law School that provided more information on how individuals, governments, and websites are responding to the issue of censorship.... Read more

  3. Wikimedia Foundation and the Internet Law & Policy Foundry co-host privacy event

    Legal Internet Law Policy Foundry privacy event

    A privacy panel earlier this month touched on consumer privacy, the EU-US privacy shield, and “big data,” among other topics.... Read more

  4. Wikimedia Foundation Quarterly Report, October–December 2015

    surf coming in

    The second fiscal quarter of 2015 saw notable successes in technology; overall, the organization met 65% of its goals.... Read more

  5. Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees welcomes Katherine Maher as interim Executive Director

    Photo by Myleen Hollero, CC BY-SA 3.0.

    Katherine Maher, Chief Communications Officer and a longtime advocate for open communities and culture, steps into the role of interim Executive Director.... Read more

  6. Jimmy Wales tells South by Southwest that community is key to Wikipedia’s future

    Photo by Jeff Elder, public domain.

    Wikipedia was represented at SXSW this week with a discussion between Wikimedia Foundation board member Guy Kawasaki and Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales.... Read more

  7. Katherine Maher appointed as interim executive director for the Wikimedia Foundation

    Photo by Sebastiaan ter Burg, freely licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.

    Katherine Maher, the chief communications officer of the Wikimedia Foundation, has been chosen as interim executive director of the San Francisco-based nonprofit by its board and executive team.... Read more

  8. Wikimedia Foundation details requests to alter or remove content in new Transparency Report

    Photo by Abrget47j, freely licensed under CC-BY-SA 3.0.

    The latest Transparency Report covers the time period from July to December 2015, during which we received 220 alteration or takedown requests, none of which were granted. We also received 25 user data requests, only one of which was granted.... Read more

  9. Fairer than Fair: a history of fair use on Wikipedia

    Print copyrighted by the M.C. Escher Company B.V, used here under fair use.

    In recognition of Fair Use Week, which runs from February 22nd–26th, we’ve highlighted how fair use works on the Wikimedia projects, and how those policies were developed and the unique way that the Wikimedia communities develop guidelines to support the values of the free culture movement.... Read more

  10. Leadership transition for the Wikimedia Foundation

    On Thursday, February 25, Lila Tretikov announced she will step down from her role as Executive Director of the Wikimedia Foundation. “Two years ago, the Board tasked me with making changes to serve the next generation and ensure our future.” Lila wrote in her email to staff and community. “We’ve accomplished a lot together, most significantly stemming the loss of our editorial communi... Read more