Wikipedia Signpost

  1. Community view: why the news media needs Wikipedians in residence

    Photo by Fletcher6, freely licensed under CC BY 3.0.

    There are plenty of stories here to be told, and a Wikipedian in residence could help tell them. In the process, they could help educate the media about how Wikipedia works and let them know that there are stories worth telling in the Wikimedian community too.... Read more

  2. WWII veteran, kamikaze survivor honors shipmates through Wikipedia articles

    Both photos courtesy of George Pendergast.

    In the years since, he’s turned 90 and written featured articles on the ship and ship class he served on. One was featured on Wikipedia’s main page and was visited approximately 48,000 times in a four-day period.... Read more

  3. Wikipedia is better equipped to deal with systemic bias than traditional publishers

    Photo by Smallbones, public domain.

    In 2010, two artists contacted Taschen, a book publisher, to point out that out of 97 volumes published in their Basic Art series, only five included women. Like the Basic Art series, Wikipedia serves an introductory audience, and in this particular area, Wikipedia succeeds where Taschen has not.... Read more

  4. “One small step…”

    Photo by NASA, public domain.

    Forty-six years ago this week, the Apollo 11 mission took three men into outer space. Two of them, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, were the first humans to set foot on the surface of the Moon.... Read more

  5. Wikipedia Signpost report: WikiProject Neuroscience

    Fast fission brain Last month, the English Wikipedia community-written newsletter Wikipedia Signpost ran a feature on WikiProject Neuroscience, a project which began in September of 2005. It currently boasts fourteen Featured Articles (FAs) among the 1,700 total articles under its umbrella, including topics like areas of the brain, stimulants and the central nervous system. It counts some highly-q... Read more

  6. Wikipedia’s largest WikiProject celebrates its 10th birthday

    As the largest WikiProject on Wikipedia, WikiProject Biography boasts over one million articles dedicated to the lives of notable figures throughout history. In honor of WikiProject Biography’s tenth birthday, Wikipedia Signpost has published a great essay detailing the extensive work involved with developing and maintaining biographies on Wikipedia. The WikiProject began after editors d... Read more

  7. Meet the Wikipedians behind WikiProject Visual Arts

    A hamsa, the identification symbol of the Visual Arts WikiProject. (From the interview: “Universally, visual art involves the eye and the hand, perception and creation. [The Hamsa] seems like a good iconic representation of these principles.”) Who wrote the English Wikipedia’s articles about Vincent Van Gogh’s and Hieronymus Bosch’s paintings, or about sculpture, land... Read more