Public Policy Initiative

  1. Wikipedia Education Program by the numbers

    The Wikipedia Education Program has grown by leaps and bounds since its inception last year, as part of the Public Policy Initiative. In 2011, the program ventured beyond the United States into Canada and India, making the measurements of the program’s impact even more important. We want to use these metrics (some of which are outlined below) as tools that help us understand and improve the... Read more

  2. From My Dirty Little Secret to My Favorite Tool for E-Pedagogy: How One University Professor Learned to Love Wikipedia

    I was never a fan of Wikipedia. In fact, I was quite skeptical when I first heard about the Wikipedia Global Education Program. How things have changed. About a year ago, I remember hearing that some folks from the Wikimedia Foundation were planning to visit our College of Communication Arts and Sciences at Michigan State University to try to recruit faculty for the Wikipedia Education Program. I ... Read more

  3. Results from first Wikipedia Ambassador survey

    The first generation of Wikipedia Ambassadors participated in a survey when the Public Policy Initiative wrapped up this summer. More than 80 respondents (over half of the 2010-2011 Ambassadors!) provided input about their experiences and how to improve the program. Many Wikimedia Foundation blog followers are probably familiar with the Initiative’s development of the Ambassador Program to o... Read more

  4. Regional Ambassadors recruit new Education Program participants

    As we make the transition from the Public Policy Initiative to the Global Education Program, we are relying more on volunteers to keep our project sustainable. In the United States, some of the Global Education Program’s most hard-working volunteers this summer are the Regional Ambassadors. As we expand the U.S.-based offerings in the Global Education Program, the Regional Ambassadors pl... Read more

  5. Global Education Program A–Z

    Our new Global Education Program brings with it a lot of new terminology. What better way to organize an overview than in A–Z? Ambassadors: When we started thinking about how to involve universities in the improvement of Wikipedia articles back in 2009, it became clear that we won’t be successful without offering various kinds of support. We decided to create a new role for people who are ... Read more

  6. For Wikipedia in Education, the future is now

    In July 2006, Andy Carvin, host of the PBS blog, examined the attitude of teachers toward using Wikipedia in the classroom. [1] He asked: “Are educators hostile to Wikipedia?”. The answers ranged from one high school teacher who told Andy “Most colleagues had never seen Wikipedia, never intended to go there, and some had already warned their students that they were ... Read more

  7. Environmental engineer contributes to Wikipedia article for grad school class

    Joseph Lapka was unsure what to expect when he signed up for Professor Sheldon Gen’s Environmental Policy course at San Francisco State University. The course description indicated that Joseph, who is a graduate of the University of Michigan’s civil and environmental engineering program and who is currently in the master of public administration program at SF State, would be writing a Wi... Read more

  8. Wikipedia in Higher Education Summit held in Boston

    The first Wikipedia in Higher Education Summit was held last week on the campus of Simmons College, a women’s college that participated in the Public Policy Initiative in the spring. More than 125 professors, students, and Wikipedia Ambassadors gathered for 2 1/2 days to talk about their experiences and plans going forward for using Wikipedia in the classroom. The Public Policy Initiative i... Read more

  9. Online mentor helps grad student navigate Wikipedia

    As part of his Master of Public Administration coursework at Western Carolina University, Kasey Baker enrolled in Professor Christopher Cooper’s “Policy Analysis” course – one of 33 courses to participate in the Wikipedia Public Policy Initiative in the spring term. Kasey was surprised to hear that his work for the course included writing a Wikipedia article on a course-rela... Read more

  10. Student at center of Wikipedia’s article on National Democratic Party of Egypt

    With two Public Policy Initiative classes completed, Georgetown University’s Patrick Friedel is one of the most experienced student participants in the Wikimedia Foundation’s education program – and Patrick’s experiences have taught him a lot about how Wikipedia works, especially on articles that receive thousands of visitors. Patrick, a master’s student in Arab Studies... Read more