Fundraiser 2011

  1. Wikimedia Fundraiser Concludes with Record Breaking Donations

    Our annual fundraising campaign reached a successful conclusion today having raised a record-breaking USD 20 million from more than one million donors in nearly every country in the world. It is our most successful campaign ever, continuing an unbroken streak in which donations have risen every year since the campaigns began in 2003. Wikimedia Foundation websites serve more than 470 million peo... Read more

  2. Who is Asking You to Donate to Wikipedia and the Wikimedia Foundation?

    You might be asking yourself, “Who are those people in the banners on Wikipedia?  Why are they asking me to ‘please read an appeal?’”  They are members of the Wikipedia community and they believe strongly in the mission of the Wikimedia Foundation.  Some are employees of the Wikimedia Foundation and some are volunteers; editors, contributors, and users of Wikipedia without ... Read more

  3. 5 Reasons to Donate to Wikipedia and the Wikimedia Foundation

    The annual Wikimedia Foundation fundraiser brings in critical revenue so that Wikipedia and its sister projects can remain freely available to people around the world. Funds raised in this campaign by Wikimedia and its regional chapters will be used to maintain Wikimedia’s server infrastructure and improve software, expand global reach, and provide direct support to a global volunteer communit... Read more

  4. Fundraise differently

    What I love about the annual Wikimedia Foundation Fundraiser is that it proves all the cynics wrong. By traffic, we’re the #5 web property in the world, serving 422 million people last month — 12 billion times. But we are funded entirely by voluntary donations. No government grants, no corporate sponsors, no ads. Each year, we ask our readers to pitch in “$5, $10 or $20 to keep Wikipedia... Read more