Affiliations Committee

  1. In memoriam of Cynthia Ashley-Nelson

    Cynthia Ashley-Nelson Cynthia Ashley-Nelson passed away Friday, April 11th. She was attending the Wikimedia Conference in Berlin as an AffCom member, and on Thursday had participated on her first annual AffCom meeting. The news about her death has surprised and shocked the people at the conference. I realize there are many people who might not be familiar with her, so I wanted to write a few words... Read more

  2. Naming of new Wikimedia movement entities

    As many in the Wikimedia community are aware, the Wikimedia Foundation Board of Directors recently approved the creation of new models of affiliation known as thematic organizations and user groups. Thematic organizations are incorporated independent nonprofits that will support work focusing on a specific topic area within or across countries, regions and languages with certain permissions to use... Read more

  3. The Wikimedia movement facilitates new volunteer organizing models

    Creating an organization from scratch is a hard task. Creating one capable of fulfilling the requirements of a Wikimedia affiliate is even harder. One of the Affiliations Committee’s tasks is to make this process an easier one! It seems like a long time since Wikimedia Deutschland–the first Wikimedia chapter–was founded on June 13, 2004 in Berlin. Since then, 39 chapters (and cou... Read more