William Pietri

  1. Upcoming code changes for Flagged Revisions

    As mentioned in this post in January, the English Wikipedia will be trying out the Flagged Revisions extension, using a configuration we’re calling Pending Changes. This new configuration requires new features, which in turn required substantial code changes to Flagged Revisions. For technical reasons, we can’t release that code just to the English Wikipedia, so we will upgrade all cop... Read more

  2. Flagged Revisions: Your questions answered!

    There has been a lot of interest lately in Flagged Revisions, a quality control mechanism for MediaWiki. In particular, people want to know when and how that’s getting used on the English language Wikipedia. I’m William Pietri, a San Francisco software consultant who recently came on part time to do project management for this. In addition to my long experience building web software fo... Read more