Sarah Stierch

  1. Survey shows interest in evaluation in Wikimedia movement, with room to grow

    The Wikimedia Foundation’s Program Evaluation & Design team recently completed a survey about the evaluation of organized activities within the Wikimedia community. Program evaluation allows the Wikimedia community to see if the programs and projects they are doing, often to inspire and engage people to participate in the Wikimedia movement, work. It’s important to find out whether... Read more

  2. Improving program performance: first evaluation workshop in Budapest

    Participants from 15 countries attended the first Program Evaluation & Design Workshop In the Wikimedia movement, there are many organized activities seeking to contribute to the Wikimedia vision and strategic goals. But how do you determine which of these programs work and which don’t? And how can you further improve the performance of programs? To tackle these difficult question, 26 in... Read more

  3. Call for participants: Program Evaluation and Design workshop in Budapest

    Over the next couple of years, the Wikimedia Foundation will be building capacity among program leaders around evaluation and program design. A better understanding of how to increase impact through better planning, execution and evaluation of programs and activities will help us to move a step closer to achieving our mission of offering a free, high quality encyclopedia to our readers around the... Read more

  4. Walters Art Museum: A case study in sharing

    This blog post originally appeared via the OpenGLAM Blog. The Walters Art Museum, located in Baltimore  Maryland, is a model OpenGLAM institution. With a forward thinking staff aimed at opening their collections in unique and innovative ways, and a collection consisting of over 35,000 objects that are public domain, the Walters is prime real estate when it comes to OpenGLAM. In early 2012, the W... Read more

  5. Gerald R. Ford Presidential Library & Museum announces first Wikipedian in Residence

    (This blog post originally appeared on the GLAM-Wiki US blog, under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license.)  Graduate student and Wikipedian Michael Barera became the first Wikipedian in Residence at a U.S. presidential library last week. Barera, who attends the University of Michigan’s School of Information, is serving as resident at the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Library &a... Read more

  6. Have a question about Wikipedia? Ask a WikiWoman on January 17!

    “What’s it like to be a Wikipedian?” “How did you get started editing?” “How do you make an account on Wikipedia?” “How do you upload a photo on Commons?” …those are just some of the many questions that people often ask those of us who edit Wikipedia and contribute to its sister projects. Do you have questions similar to these that you... Read more

  7. New look makes it even easier to get engaged in the WikiWomen’s Collaborative

    The WikiWomen’s Collaborative is a space in the world of Wikimedia that was created by women involved in Wikimedia projects – either as contributors, readers, or advocates. The Collaborative is a place where WikiWomen and their allies can come together to celebrate their contributions, share their love for the free knowledge movement, and provide support for one another when times ge... Read more

  8. WikiProject Women Scientists invites your participation

    Starting a WikiProject is a pretty big undertaking, what with sorting out the templates, tagging thousands of articles, and recruiting new members. But I have to say, starting WikiProject Women Scientists with Sarah Stierch has been one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve had in my 5 1/2 years contributing to Wikipedia. I had never consciously noticed the gender gap until it was pointed... Read more

  9. Wikimedia India hosts Wikipedia women’s workshop in Mumbai

    (This guest post by Aditi Vashisht and Netha Hussain is part of the series on the WikiWomen’s Collaborative) On Sunday, 4 November 2012, Wikimedians from Mumbai, India, conducted a Wikipedia workshop for women at Vidyalankar Institute of Technology,Wadala. The event was aimed at introducing women who are not yet editing Wikipedia to the website and teaching them how to edit. “L... Read more

  10. Bring on the Chicks with Glasses!: Why Wiki Loves Libraries & GLAM-Wiki can help address the Wikipedia gender gap

    (This is a guest post from Sara Snyder, the webmaster at the Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution.) Librarians and archivists in the United States have been, and will continue to be, mostly female. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, 81 percent of current students pursuing a Masters in Library and Information Science (MLS) degree are women. As of 2011, women ac... Read more