Rob Halsell

  1. WMF needs additional datacenter space

    The Wikimedia Foundation is looking to add an additional US-Based site for their primary datacenter needs. The Projects are growing up, time to grow out a bit.... Read more

  2. Server named Singer has a sore throat?

    In working on the servers, some apache config files were made inoperable.  This is on a misc. services computer named Singer.  This is the host for our blogs, as well as some other web-facing info.  As such, the cached blogs are affected, but not the tech blog.  (It was, but it was the easiest to get back online.) Apologies for any annoyance this single server downtime may have caused anyone.... Read more

  3. Welcome to Fred Vassard

    I just wanted to post on our blog a warm welcome to our new systems administrator, Fred Vassard.   Today is Fred’s first day at Wikimedia, and we are already giving him a ton of work to do ;] Welcome Fred, you will crash the cluster soon enough….... Read more

  4. Pretty Servers

    Since we now have our own blog, we can do neat stuff like point out that we have photos of one of our new datacenter deployments. They are tagged on Commons with the Category of Wikimedia Servers. However, if you just want to see the new photos you can do that here. Keep in mind all these are possible due to the generous donations of our readers! Rob Halsell, Operations Engineer... Read more

  5. Techblog is online.

    Starting today the Wikimedia Technical Team now has a single, unified blog for updates.  This is a much more technical blog than the Wikimedia Blog (which covers Foundation issues and news).  Software updates, server changes, and other such issues will be covered here.... Read more

  6. Open Source Telephony!

    Many, many people know that the software the powers Wikipedia is called MediaWiki, and it is in fact an open-source software that anyone can use. What is not known however, is that the Wikimedia Foundation is now also using open-source software for our telephone system. This last weekend, we rolled out our Asterisk 1.4 installation. Asterisk is an open-source software managed by Digium. By utilizi... Read more