Petr Brož

  1. Evaluating the success of Wikimedia Czech Republic’s Mediagrant

    Not only do we have to locate a protected area. The detective work begins when we try hard to find a specific plant species that is supposed to be at full bloom… In mid-2011, members of Czech WikiProject Protected Areas (a group of Wikipedians interested in environmentalism) were thinking: there are a lot of protected areas scattered all around the Czech Republic, and yet, few of them had been p... Read more

  2. Can beginners write high-quality articles? Czech students prove yes again!

    Another winter term is coming to an end at Czech universities and we can again evaluate how students of Faculty of Science, Charles University in Prague, succeeded in improving Wikipedia articles about Czech protected areas this year. A total of 36 enrolled students of “Nature and Landscape Protection” (6 more students than last year) took part in the cooperation between the faculty an... Read more

  3. Wikipedia Czech Republic organizes photography workshop at Fata Morgana

    Wikimedia Czech Republic organized another workshop focused on nature photography, in cooperation with WikiProject Protected Areas and Portal:Photography on Czech Wikipedia. Compared to the previous meet-up, during which Wikipedians (and other interested people from outside the community) learned to recognize different plant species and take pictures of them, we now deciced to explain the theo... Read more

  4. Wikimedia Chapter convinces Czech Parliament to release photos to Wikimedia Commons

    The Czech senate election in October 2012 has yielded 27 new members of the upper chamber of Parliament of the Czech Republic, who now represent a third of the 81 total seats. Their role is to carry out their voters’ wishes during the next six years, as well as pass, reject or amend the legislature approved by the Chamber of Deputies. The senators thus become an important part of Czech publi... Read more

  5. Ambassador program: Students document protected areas in the Czech Republic

    Students are widely using Wikipedia as a source for their school projects and as a learning tool. However, what happens if we change this procedure of just “using Wikipedia” and also engage students in writing Wikipedia? This is the main idea behind the worldwide spreading of Ambassador programs on Wikipedia projects all over the world. One promising method for an Ambassador program wa... Read more

  6. Wikimedia Czech Republic memory game encourages new editors

    Wikipedians around the world are looking for ways to convert readers into new editors and encourage new people to join our common effort to produce a freely accessible encyclopedia for everybody to use. Wikimedia Chapters and the Wikimedia Foundation continually search for ways to increase the base of active editors, which is now consistently around 80,000-90,000. As part of our programs, Wikimedi... Read more