1. Fighting usability beta bugs

    Another quick update from the Wikimedia Usability team — the Foundation team working on user interface and editing system improvements for Wikipedia and the Foundation’s projects. If you are one of the usability beta users, you might have noticed that dialogues for links and tables, and dynamic collapsible table of contents have been disabled. We regret that we had to take away these f... Read more

  2. Multimedia Usability Project Underway

    Some new faces have joined the Foundation’s multimedia usability project, and important developments are underway to improve uploading and sharing of multimedia materials on Wikimedia’s projects. We are excited that Guillaume Paumier, Product Manager of the Ford multimedia usability project , has moved from Toulouse, France and joined the Wikimedia usability team at our San Francisco o... Read more

  3. How is the usability beta doing?

    Thank you for your feedback and comments about the usability beta through the survey and via the usability project wiki. The usability beta initially started off with the new skin called Vector and the toolbar (release nickname: Acai) in early July and it was enhanced with the navigable table of contents within the editing box and dialogues for links, tables, and search & replace (release nick... Read more

  4. First Wikimedians’ Conference in Japan

    The first ever Wikimedians’ conference is taking place in Tokyo this weekend. A group of Wikimedians, who were inspired by Wikimania 2008 in Alexandria, Egypt, gathered in Akihabara, Tokyo, Japan in the late summer of 2008. Those who traveled to Alexandria shared their excitement and inspiration gathered from Wikimania, and others listened. The excitement in the room turned into collective w... Read more

  5. English Wikinews adopted the usability beta as default

    Earlier today, English Wikinews adopted the usability beta as a default interface. The usability team is thrilled that en.wikinews community has reached the consensus to be the first adopter of the usability beta as default. We will continue enhancing the interface to simplify and make it easy to navigate and edit.  Our sincere appreciation goes to the entire en.wikinews community for embracing o... Read more

  6. Usability Beta Enhancements

    Thanks for trying out the usability beta. Close to 280,000 people tried out the usability beta and about 220,000 people continue using it. One of the most-frequently reported frustration about the beta was that (1) watch/unwatch was hidden under the drop-down menu and (2) tabs overlaps when the browser is scaled down or the resolution is low. Tab issues were more significant for language communiti... Read more

  7. Babaco is ready for tasting

    Preview of the second set of usability features, Babaco, are available through user preferences. The first feature is the article outline in the right hand side of the editing area. The outline updates itself in real-time as you type the headers in the articles and provides links which when clicked will jump you to the start of each section in the article. The second feature is the assisted way to... Read more

  8. Babaco Preview

      As brion’s earlier post stated, the new set of usability features (nickname: Babaco)are integrate into the source code but disabled until these features are stable.  New features include, navigable table of contents and content generation dialogues for links, tables, search and replace.  These features are currently staged on the usability prototype environment, and you are welcome ... Read more

  9. Usability Beta Status

    Here’s a brief update on the status of our recently launched usability improvements. Since the launch of the beta invitation to the first set of usability improvements on August 6th, about 173,000 people tried out the beta and about 134,000 people continue to use the beta as of September 12th. Beta retention rate is interpreted roughly 77%. These numbers are aggregation of all Wikimedia proj... Read more

  10. Try the usability beta!

    Have you noticed the “Try Beta” link on the top of Wikimedia project sites?  The usability team is proud to introduce the new skin, Vector, and the enhanced toolbar.   Well, they have been available from user preferences over a month now, but we wanted to reach out to anonymous users.  Please check it out and let us know your thought, if you haven’t tried already.  We deploy... Read more