Max Semenik

  1. GeoData: a new age of geotagging on Wikipedia

    Have you ever wondered if there are Wikipedia articles about things near you? Well, wonder no more! Today, we present the GeoData extension for MediaWiki, which now provides a structured way to store geo-coordinates for articles, as well as an API to make queries around this information. What does it do? Coordinates added to articles are now stored separately in the database, as opposed to being s... Read more

  2. Calling all mobile app developers: A better way to access Wikipedia

    There are many third-party mobile apps based on Wikipedia, and some of them offer unique benefits. The Wikimedia Foundation encourages diversity and innovation using the free content of Wikipedia, as long as some legal guidelines are followed (namely, observe the CC-BY-SA license terms and don’t infringe our trademarks). We want app developers to help spread free knowledge, and now you can d... Read more

  3. FeaturedFeeds brings syndication feeds of featured Wikimedia content

    Example of the English Wikipedia featured articles feed generated by FeaturedFeeds Yesterday, we deployed a new MediaWiki extension,  FeaturedFeeds, to all Wikimedia wikis. It creates syndication feeds (Atom or RSS) of Wikipedia’s featured content, such as featured articles or pictures of the day, giving the projects a new way to deliver content to readers and users. For now, links to the ... Read more