Matthew Roth

  1. Wikimedia Foundation launches tenth-annual online fundraising campaign

    The Wikimedia Foundation has kicked off its tenth-annual year-end fundraising campaign with donation banners visible at the top of Wikipedia. Online fundraising brings in the resources needed to keep the Wikimedia projects freely available to everyone around the world in their own language, and guarantees that Wikipedia will never have to rely on advertising. Donations help the Wikimedia Foundatio... Read more

  2. Adding musical scores to Wikimedia

    Sound and musical content have long trailed behind other subjects on Wikipedia, but that is beginning to change with a new musical scores extension for MediaWiki, the software running Wikipedia and thousands of other wikis. The Score extension was added to a MediaWiki deployment earlier this year and allows users to render musical scores as PNG images and transform them into audio and MIDI files. ... Read more

  3. Wikimedia Foundation sends cease and desist letter to WikiPR

    On October 21, the Wikimedia Foundation (WMF) issued a statement from Sue Gardner, our executive director, condemning the black hat practice of paid advocacy editing and sockpuppeting on Wikipedia. The statement followed widespread press coverage of an investigation undertaken by Wikipedia’s volunteer editor community into more than 300 sockpuppet accounts that were alleged to belong to a public... Read more

  4. Amical Wikimedia awarded for its contribution to the Internet in Catalan

    (This is an adapted translation by Quim Gil of Article by David Parreño Mont) Arnau Duran in Catosfera conference The Catalan association STIC.CAT (in English: Society, Technology and Knowledge) has awarded Amical Wikimedia their special prize for contributions made to the Internet. This award was announced at the 6th ed... Read more

  5. IBM Research donates AAAI Feigenbaum Prize for Watson to the Wikimedia Foundation

    The Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AAAI) has chosen IBM Research’s Watson team as the recipient of the 2013 Feigenbaum Prize. Watson is recognized as one of the most impressive results of AI research in the past several years, famously winning in the quiz show Jeopardy! against former grand champions Brad Rutter and Ken Jennings in February 2011. Watson is n... Read more

  6. Wikimedia Commons Picture of the Day: Seceda cable car

    A cable car on Mount Seceda, Dolomites, Italy Wolfgang Moroder was skiing on December 11, 2011, near his hometown in the Dolomites when he took the photo above of a Seceda cable car with a lovely view of the Alps over a blanket of golden clouds. In the photo, which was chosen as the Wikimedia Commons Picture of the Day for 9 July 2013, Moroder framed the cable car in the foreground as it descende... Read more

  7. Welcoming all who would participate in WikiConference Yerevan 2013

    This post is available in 4 languages: Հայերեն  • На русском языке • Español  • English English It’s that time of the year again, when some of us plan our trips to conferences, and others stay put to help organize meetings and welcome others to an upcoming conference. We, the folks at the newest Wikimedia chapter, Wikimedia Armenia, curently find ourselves in t... Read more

  8. Wikimedians help translate renowned classical music lyrics to Ukranian, throw free vocal music concert in Kiev

    Wiki-Concert on 15 May 2013. O. Dondyk and A. Bondarenko on a stage. Photo by Jbuket There is a lengthy tradition of translating the lyrics of renowned classical music to Ukrainian. Its early beginnings may be traced to the late 19th century, and subsequently throughout the 20th century: Rylsky, Lukash, Starytska-Cherniakhivska, and Borys Ten. However, because they haven’t been published, th... Read more

  9. Indian WikiWomen celebrate Women’s History Month

    (This is a guest post by Ms. Netha Hussein, a Wikipedia contributor from India who regularly contributes to Malayalam Wikipedia, among other projects.) March 2013 was a busy month for women Wikimedians in India, as we conducted various events, such as edit-a-thons and workshops to celebrate the presence of women in Wikimedia projects. The women Wikimedians, members of the Wikimedia India Chapter... Read more

  10. Catalan Wikipedia hits the 400,000 articles milestone during 35-hour edit-a-thon

    The GLAM movement in Catalonia has been very active the past few years. Edit-a-thons and workshops have taken place in all kinds of institutions, but the one that was held this April in Fundació Miró in Barcelona (Catalonia), co-organized by Amical Viquipèdia, was really special: the edit-a-thon lasted for 35 consecutive hours, split in three session. Moreover, during the first hours of the ... Read more