Maryana Pinchuk

  1. Wikimedia sites get a new look on tablets

    "Wikipedia on tablet" by MSyed (WMF), under CC-BY-SA-3.0

    Tablet users, rejoice! The Wikimedia Mobile Web team has been working to optimize the mobile view of all our projects, so that reading, browsing, and editing content are all easier on mobile touch screens of any size. Now our changes are finally live on tablets, too!... Read more

  2. New Wikipedia for Android app now in Beta

    Wikipedia Android app (beta) screenshot The Wikipedia for Android app has a new look, and you can help test its new reading and editing features! The Wikimedia Foundation Mobile Apps team has just released a beta version of a new Android app to the Google Play Store. This native app features a major design update and focuses on creating a faster and more immersive browsing and reading experience. ... Read more

  3. Announcing the official Commons app for iOS and Android

    Love taking photos on your smartphone? Now you don’t need to wait to get home to upload your high quality educational photos to Wikimedia Commons, the free image repository used by Wikipedia and many other projects. The official Wikimedia Commons app for iOS and Android allows you to quickly and easily upload your photos to Commons. You can also upload multiple files and add categories (An... Read more

  4. Help illustrate Wikipedia: uploads now live on mobile web

    Wikipedia isn’t just the encyclopedia anyone can edit—it’s also the encyclopedia anyone can illustrate. Starting this week, logged in users browsing the mobile web on smartphones with upload capability will see a new feature: the ability to add images to articles that lack them. In one easy step, you can upload an image from your phone’s camera or image library and add it directly to an a... Read more

  5. Follow your favorite Wikipedia pages on the mobile web

    Have you ever wondered how millions of Wikipedia articles stay accurate, up to date, and vandalism-free? It all starts with the watchlist, a feature available to everyone who signs up for a free account on any Wikimedia project. This week, the Wikimedia mobile web team is releasing the ability to log in or create an account and view or add pages to your watchlist—all from the comfort of your mob... Read more

  6. Mobile Beta: a sandbox for new experimental features

    In the fall of 2012, the Wikimedia Foundation’s mobile team released a new interface to Wikimedia mobile sites, adding a navigation layer that allows for easy opting-in to our experimental Beta site. We created the Beta site as a prototyping area to house early work on features that could help us meet our goals for 2012–2013, which are to get 1,000 mobile users to upload a file to a Wiki... Read more

  7. Wikipedia Mobile gets a new look

    This week you’ll see some changes to the look and feel of Wikipedia on your phone, as the mobile team moves features that were tested on our experimental Beta site onto our mobile gateway. The updated mobile site will include a navigation system that makes it easier to explore our content, as well as visual improvements aimed at increasing the readability of articles.1 The new navigation system ... Read more

  8. Enticing Wikipedians back… with bacn

    Bacn. If you have an account on any of the most popular websites on the Internet, you’ve probably seen it – it’s the Internet jargon for those periodic emails you receive whenever your activity on a website wanes, reminding you to come back and see what you’ve missed. There’s a Wikipedia article about it, naturally. Unlike many other major community sites, Wikipedia doesn’t send an... Read more

  9. Building a better encyclopedia, one topic at a time

    (This is the first in a series of profiles of editors who we have recently thanked for reaching their 1,000th edit to articles on English Wikipedia.) Indonesia is the third largest developing country (behind China and India) and the fourth most populous country in the world – but many English-speaking people don’t know that, or anything about the country itself. This is in part because, ac... Read more

  10. Beam me up, Jimmy: an experiment in thanking Wikipedians

    The most important question currently facing the Wikimedia movement is how we can continue to grow our communities by attracting new editors, while helping current editors stay engaged. With all this talk of stagnating community growth, however, one thing that we haven’t focused on as much is the remarkable fact that every single day, tons of amazing volunteers are still working away on the pro... Read more