Mani Pande

  1. Results from the Japanese Editor Survey

    We have blogged recently about the results from our semi-annual editor survey. Although the survey was conducted in 22 languages, it didn’t include Japanese, due to the March earthquake and ensuing Tsunami in Japan.  It is with great pleasure that we would like to share toplines from a survey of editors conducted recently on the Japanese Wikipedia. We fielded it for about a week in the end of... Read more

  2. Shedding light on board of trustee elections

    As most of the readers of this blog are aware the Wikimedia foundation board of trustees  “manages the foundation and supervises disposition and solicitation of donation.” The community elects three members to the board of trustees. The rest of the seats on the board are shared between community members appointed by chapters, community founder and trustees with specific expertise appo... Read more

  3. Supporting user requests for mobile features, even editing

    As you may know, the WMF strategic plan released last March set ambitious goals for our movement’s next five years. At the top of the agenda for the forthcoming fiscal year is to increase mobile page views of Wikipedia to two billion by the end of June, 2012 – a substantial increase from the current count of 726 million in March, 2011. To meet this goal, the engineering, strategy and g... Read more

  4. Shedding light on women who edit Wikipedia

    The Wikimedia Foundation has made a strategic goal of increasing volunteer participation, in particular by encouraging women to edit Wikipedia.  In the Wikipedia editors survey we analyzed the edit history of male and female editors to look at the key differences between the two genders. An analysis of self-reported edits by gender shows significant differences at the lower and higher end of the ... Read more

  5. Wikipedia editors contribute to social media streams too

    Wikipedia is undoubtedly the most successful collaborative online experiment in the history of Internet. Wikipedia editors spend hours writing and researching articles that have made the project the success that it is today. But have you ever wondered what other online activities Wikipedia editors participate in? Results from the Editor Survey, April 2011, show that apart from the time that they s... Read more

  6. Positive feedback works for editing, say Wikipedia editors

    “Our brains and our behavior are driven by feedback loops. Harness their power and change your life,” points out Wired magazine in its latest cover story on how feedback can be used to change human behavior. Similarly, data from the Wikipedia Editor Survey, April 2011, shows that feedback from other editors – especially positive feedback – encourages more editing. According to the ... Read more

  7. Majority read and edit more than one language Wikipedia

    There are more bilingual and multilingual individuals in the world than there are monolingual, and the global community of Wikipedia editors is no exception.  According to the Editors Survey, April 2011, over half of Wikipedia editors contribute to more than one language Wikipedia, and an overwhelming majority (72%) read Wikipedia in more than one language.   In addition, with an overwhelmin... Read more

  8. Wikipedia editor survey: Top-line data released

    Last week we released the very first insights from the recent semi-annual survey of Wikipedia editors.  This week we’re releasing the survey’s top-line data. The top-line data includes all of the major indications from the survey of editors: the demographics, questions proposed in the survey, and top-line responses.  We’re sharing this information now in order to allow the comm... Read more

  9. Wikipedia editors do it for fun: First results of our 2011 editor survey

    Wikipedia only exists because thousands of people volunteer their time everyday to create, improve and maintain it. Many people ask: “who are these people?” and “why do they do it?” In April 2011, the Wikimedia Foundation conducted a survey of our editors around the globe.  The survey was available in 22 languages (thanks to the work of volunteer translators) and was completed by over 5,0... Read more

  10. Launching our semi-annual Wikipedia editors survey

    On Wednesday, the Wikimedia Foundation will launch its first semi-annual survey (2011) of Wikipedia editors. A notification will be sent through Wikipedia to all registered editors, as everyone is eligible to participate. The Foundation urges feedback and participation as a way to get your voice heard. For more information, you can read the FAQ we’ve posted detailing the survey. Using our co... Read more