LiAnna Davis

  1. Third term of Wikipedia Education Program Arab World wraps up

    Student contributions to Arabic Wikipedia, 2012-13 The Wikipedia Education Program began in the Arab World with a small pilot at two universities in Egypt in spring 2012 — and in one and a half years, the program has turned into a force on the Arabic Wikipedia, with students participating in the program in three countries adding content to Wikipedia as part of their university coursework. Many s... Read more

  2. US, Canada students contribute massive amount of quality content to Wikipedia

    43.4 million bytes. That’s how much content students from the Wikipedia Education Program in the United States and Canada have contributed to the English Wikipedia in the three years of the program’s existence. What does 43.4 million bytes look like? It’s approximately 29,000 printed pages, 58 reams of paper, 9.6 million words — or the equivalent of 17 full copies of War and Pe... Read more

  3. School of Open offers free Wikipedia course

    Students lean in to learn about Wikipedia. Photo by Ellis Christopher, licensed CC BY. Pete Forsyth, an early designer of the Wikipedia Education Program, is now teaching a free online course on Wikipedia and Open Educational Resources, along with Wikipedian and education researcher Sara Frank Bristow. The six-week course, “Writing Wikipedia Articles,” recently concluded its first run,... Read more

  4. Physics professor assigns students to edit Portuguese Wikipedia

    Professor Rafael Pezzi Professor Rafael Pezzi, a professor at the Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, read about a new program to support university faculty members in Brazil who were interested in incorporating Wikipedia editing into students’ assignments. Rafael was intrigued by the idea, and thought it might be a good idea for his physics course for engineering students. “Wik... Read more

  5. Arabic Wikipedia grows thanks to Wikipedia Education Program students

    Bytes added by students in the Wikipedia Education Program in Egypt over the first two terms With more than 280 million native speakers, Arabic is one of the world’s most spoken languages, but the Arabic Wikipedia has lagged behind other language Wikipedias in terms of the amount of articles. The Arabic Wikipedia has only 205,000 articles — a tiny fraction in comparison to the English Wiki... Read more

  6. Education program leaders gather to share experiences

    More than 40 people from 25 countries gathered together in person in Milan, Italy, last week to discuss Wikimedia projects’ use in education. Representatives from Wikimedia chapters, the Wikimedia Foundation, and universities worldwide discussed ways to further develop the relationships between educational institutions and Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects. The Education Program Leader... Read more

  7. Improving computer science articles on the Portuguese Wikipedia

    In 2005, Professor Ruy de Queiroz of the Universidade Federal de Pernambuco (UFPE) in Brazil was browsing articles on the Portuguese Wikipedia in logic and the theory of computation, his speciality. Ruy found them disappointingly lacking — but when he browsed the same articles on the English Wikipedia, he realized that they were quite good. So Ruy set out to change the Portuguese Wikipedia’... Read more

  8. Contributing to Wikipedia as homework: The Wikipedia Education Program

    The Wikipedia Education Program has a simple premise: Professors assign their students to contribute to Wikipedia as part of their coursework. These contributions can take many forms: writing articles, translating articles from one language Wikipedia to another, and adding photos, videos, or illustrations to articles, among others. These programs, which are run by Wikimedia chapters, volunteers, a... Read more

  9. Student assigned to read a Wikipedia article that she wrote

    Every graduate student gets assigned a lot of reading, but not every graduate student gets assigned to read something they’ve written. That happened to Jacqueline McCrory in fall 2012, thanks to the Wikipedia Education Program. As a master’s student in Environmental Management at the University of San Francisco and an employee at environmental consulting firm Analytical Environmental ... Read more

  10. Egyptian student creates 68 new articles on the Arabic Wikipedia in less than a year

    Walaa Abdel Manaem had browsed Wikipedia whenever she needed to find information about something, but she’d never contributed until March 2012. Walaa, a native of Giza, Egypt, was enrolled in Dr. Abeer Abd El-Hafez’s Spanish course at Cairo University. The course was participating in the pilot of the Wikipedia Education Program in Egypt, and Dr. Abeer asked Walaa and her classmates to... Read more