Amir Sarabadani

  1. Pywikibot will have its next bug triage on July 24−27

    For most Wikimedia projects, Pywikibot (formerly pywikipedia) has proved to be a trusted and powerful tool. Literally millions of edits have been made by “bots” through this (semi-)automated software suite, written in Python. Bug triage is like a check-up for bots: we check the list of things that need to be done and clean up the list. During a bug triage, we go through the list of ou... Read more

  2. Pywikipediabot moving to git on July 26

    Wikipedia isn’t written just by humans! Bots have made great contributions to Wikipedia and other wikis like Wikidata (where bots have made over 90 percent of the edits so far). “Bots” are automated editing programs that can do anything from archiving discussions to reverting vandalism and  creating articles. Some bots even patrol new pages and report to Wikimedians. How can you... Read more

  3. Test features in a right-to-left language environment

    Wikimedia sites are facing many technical changes, like VisualEditor, Wikidata, Flow and Echo, just to name a few. As an ordinary Wikipedian, I like it very much and I’m pretty excited, but sometimes change is scary, especially for people who are working on “small” wikis. People constantly ask “Is this feature localized for my wiki?” or “Will it work properly?” and if you’r... Read more