Kul Wadhwa

  1. Wikipedia Zero wins 2013 SXSW Interactive “Activism” award

    Several months ago I learned that Wikipedia Zero was nominated as a finalist for the SXSW 2013 Interactive Awards. I was obviously thrilled, since we were one of only five projects to receive this honor in the Education category. We’ve always thought of Wikipedia as an educational resource, because learning starts by providing people with knowledge and it was great to be recognized for that. My... Read more

  2. Getting Wikipedia to the people who need it most

    This post has also been published on the blog of the Knight Foundation. We’re in the middle of an information revolution that’s changing the way billions of people in developing countries obtain news and knowledge. With a $10 cell phone, a high school student in New Delhi or a cab driver in Dakar can access the Internet and — through Wikipedia and other websites — learn vol... Read more

  3. Wikipedia Zero reaches 230 million mobile users with Saudi Telecom partnership

    We are proud to announce our newest Wikipedia Zero partnership, which moves us another step closer to giving every person on the planet access to the free knowledge on Wikipedia. On Sunday, Saudi Telecom Company (STC) joined with the Wikimedia Foundation to offer free access to Wikipedia on mobile for STC customers in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Bahrain. The partnership is part of the Wikimedia Found... Read more

  4. Telenor partnership makes Wikipedia free on mobile

    Logging on to Wikimedia projects seems routine for many of us, but we can forget that for much of the world accessing the free information on Wikipedia is a financial burden. For the billions of people whose primary opportunity to access the Internet is via a mobile device, data charges for sites like Wikipedia are too prohibitive and prevent them from enjoying the educational benefits of the lar... Read more

  5. Free mobile for Wikipedia starts with Orange

    The Wikimedia Foundation is working to make knowledge freely available to every person in the world, but for many potential readers in developing countries, the only way to access the Internet is by paying for data on a mobile phone. Cost is a barrier that prevents data usage and makes access to a vast repository of knowledge like Wikipedia impossible. In some developing countries, the poorest fif... Read more

  6. Hola, Telefónica – Welcome to Wikimedia

    Today we’re excited to announce a new partnership with Telefónica, one of the largest telecommunications companies in the world.  Telefónica will be working with the Wikimedia Foundation to increase the reach and accessibility of free knowledge for millions of their customers.  Through their mobile, IPtv, broadband, and other platforms they will soon begin to provide fast and innovative ... Read more

  7. Bonjour Orange! Wikimedia Partners with Orange to Spread Knowledge

    It’s my pleasure to announce that the Wikimedia Foundation has signed a strategic mobile and web partnership with Orange. Orange is one of the leading wireless and broadband internet providers in the world, and with this agreement we’ll begin integrating trademarked Wikipedia content onto their mobile and web channels. This is not just a way for me to improve my French (although that does ... Read more

  8. Mobile Asia Congress, The Kul Way

    No, it’s not democracy on wheels… Mobile Asia Congress, or MAC, is the top annual fiesta for the GSM Association in (you guessed it) Asia. GSMA is a global trade group representing more than 750 mobile operators across 218 countries and territories-more than 86% of the world’s mobile phone connections. I was honored to be invited to speak at a panel at MAC last month in Macau, Ch... Read more