Jawad Qadir

  1. The Impact of Wikipedia: Salah Almhamdi

    Salah Almhamdi found Wikipedia to be an important source of information during The Arab Spring. Throughout the Arab Spring in 2011, Wikipedia served as a reliable source of information for up to date information about the protests occurring in countries such as Tunisia and Egypt. Protesters uploaded pictures of the events onto Wikimedia Commons, while many users outside of the affected countries u... Read more

  2. Wikimedia Commons Picture of the Day: Roman Aqueduct of Segovia, Spain

    As an active contributor to Wikimedia Commons, Spaniard David Corral Gadea understands the advantages of taking part in a community of fellow photo enthusiasts. For him, the project serves as a tool for sharing the wonders of his own culture and history with the rest of the world. Although he is not a photographer by trade, Gadea has been able to utilize his skills in his work as a graphic designe... Read more

  3. The Impact of Wikipedia: visual storytelling

    (This video is part of a series produced for this year’s Wikimedia Foundation fundraiser. You can also view this video on Youtube.) A montage video, Impact of Wikipedia, part of a series showcasing Wikimedians. Every year for a handful of weeks in November and December, the Wikimedia Foundation has traditionally asked Wikipedia users to support the 5th largest website in the world with whateve... Read more

  4. Wikimedia Commons Picture of the Day: Cab Calloway Gottlieb

    William P. Gottlieb is one of the most celebrated American jazz photographers. His photo of jazz singer and bandleader Cab Calloway, above, is the Wikimedia Commons Picture of the Day for 25 December 2012 Although Gottlieb studied and taught economics at the University of Maryland, in 1938 he began writing a weekly jazz column for the Washington Post. From there, he purchased a speed graphic pres... Read more

  5. The Impact of Wikipedia: Ravan Jaafar Altaie

    (This video is part of a series for this year’s Wikimedia Foundation fundraiser. You can also view this video on YouTube.) Ravan Jaafar Altaie and the impact she has had on the world through editing Wikipedia. Like so many other Wikipedians, Ravan Jaafar Altaie was inspired to edit Wikipedia as a way to learn more about the world around her. As a native of Iraq, she also hoped to make a differ... Read more

  6. The Impact of Wikipedia: Dumisani Ndubane

    (This video is part of a series for this year’s Wikimedia Foundation fundraiser. You can support Wikipedia and free knowledge by contributing at donate.wikimedia.org. If you have trouble viewing the video below, please let us know in the comments and try watching it here.) Dumisani Ndumane explains how Wikiversity helped him become an electrical engineer For some, Wikipedia is used as a res... Read more

  7. Wiki Loves Monuments 2012: the Belarusian finalists

    This past September, Wiki Loves Monuments 2012 proved to be a success in Belarus. In the first five days alone, participants uploaded over 700 photos culminating in a grand total of nearly 7500 pictures at the end of the month. WLM organizers in Belarus encouraged participants to capture the country’s aging cathedrals and castles in Belarusian villages by compiling a list of attractions in diffe... Read more

  8. Wiki Loves Monuments 2012: The Panamanian Finalists

    Wiki Loves Monuments 2012 proved to be a huge success in Panama, where 120 participants added nearly 2500 photos to Wikimedia Commons. As stated by the WLM organizers in Panama, the competition offered contestants the chance to illustrate the heritage and valor of the Central American state through the perspective of a lens. This year’s winners embodied that philosophy, as their photos portrayed... Read more

  9. Wiki Loves Monuments 2012: the Indian finalists

    The finalists in the Wiki Loves Monuments 2012 competition from India include these three wonderful photos. India was the country with the most participants in the entire contest, where over 2,200 photographers contributed nearly 16,000 photos. Participants in India represented 15 percent of the 15,000 total contributors from around the world. Comprised of various ancient cultures that date back t... Read more

  10. Wiki Loves Monuments 2012: the Austrian finalists

    We’re happy to bring you more of the winning national photos from Wiki Loves Monuments 2012. These two images come from Austria, where a highly motivated group of volunteers collaborated closely with many cultural partners, such as the Bundesdenkmalamt. With their effort, Wiki Loves Monuments proved to be a huge success in Austria for the second time, with nearly 300 users contributing mor... Read more