Jay Walsh

  1. Ten years of sharing and learning (WMF 2012-13 Annual Report)

    The Foundation’s 2012-13 Annual Report. Today we’re pleased to release the latest annual report from the Wikimedia Foundation. The 2012-13 Annual Report celebrates “Ten years of sharing and learning,” and marks the decade milestone of the Foundation with over 20 quotes and insights we heard from within the movement over the course of the most recent fiscal year. The Foundat... Read more

  2. A farewell letter from Jay Walsh, Communications Director

    Dear Wikimedia friends, Staff portrait of Jay Walsh I recently stepped down from my role as Senior Director, Communications at the Wikimedia Foundation. That was simultaneously a scary and exhilarating decision. I started working with the Wikimedia Foundation in January 2008, when, under Sue Gardner’s leadership, a handful of folks moved from St. Petersburg, Florida to the neighborhood we now ca... Read more

  3. Ten years of supporting free knowledge

    Ten years ago today, on June 20, 2003, Jimmy Wales announced the founding of the Wikimedia Foundation. He entrusted the new nonprofit with the operation of Wikipedia, launched two and a half years prior. Wales recalled the early days of Wikipedia and marveled that it has grown to be such an important and ubiquitous source of free information for the world. “It is hard to imagine that in 2003, Wi... Read more

  4. Wikimedia UK and Wikimedia Foundation announce the release of Compass Partnership report

    Today the Wikimedia Foundation and Wikimedia UK  are announcing the release of the final report and recommendations regarding the governance of the Wikimedia UK chapter. The report was completed by Compass Partnership, consultants in non-profit management based in the UK. The report was commissioned jointly by the Foundation and Wikimedia UK in October 2012 following important Wikimedia community... Read more

  5. Wikimedia Foundation’s 2011-12 Annual Report

    Today we’re excited to launch the Wikimedia Foundation’s latest Annual Report. This year marks the fifth edition of our Annual Report, which focuses on the achievements and core work of the preceding fiscal year (2011-12), and gives us a chance to recognize the amazing contributions of our volunteers and the generous support of our donors. You can read both the PDF and wiki versions. W... Read more

  6. Joint statement from Wikimedia Foundation and Wikimedia UK

    Over the past six months, a Wikimedia UK trustee led two Wikipedia-related projects, Monmouthpedia and Gibraltarpedia, in a way that seemed to some observers to blur his roles as a Wikimedia UK trustee, a paid consultant for the projects’ government partners, and an editor of the English Wikipedia. This raised questions in the Wikimedia community about whether a trustee was able to balance appro... Read more

  7. Wikimedia Foundation’s Sue Gardner named to World’s Most Powerful Women list by Forbes

    We are very excited to share the news that Wikimedia Foundation Executive Director Sue Gardner was named to the Worlds 100 Most Powerful Women list by Forbes Magazine yesterday. Citing her role in transforming the Wikimedia Foundation from a small non-profit into a thriving organization with over 120 employees, a complex technical product roadmap and a consistently rising pool of revenue from a g... Read more

  8. Recent events with Russian Wikipedia

    On Tuesday, July 10, the Russian Wikipedia community made a decision to blackout their project for 24 hours to protest a piece of legislation before the Russian Duma. The legislation, which has since been passed (although with important amendments) could threaten the mission of the Wikimedia projects in Russia – to spread free knowledge globally. Websites that publish facts or deemed to be i... Read more

  9. Open Education Week starts on Monday, March 5th

    The first annual Open Education Week will take place next week from March 5-10, both online and in locally hosted events around the world. Open Education Week is organized by the OpenCourseWare Consortium, which is a community of more than 250 universities and organizations worldwide. Creative Commons, one of the major supporters of OER week, is the organization behind the free copyleft license th... Read more

  10. Wikimedia Foundation voted #1 Global NGO by the Global Journal

    Today the Global Journal, a Geneva-based publication focusing on issues facing global businesses, NGOs, and public sector workers announced that the Wikimedia Foundation was at the very top of their list of the 100 best NGOs. The Journal pointed out that the Foundation is “changing the world with an idea: to create a public space where all people can freely join to collaborate, share and com... Read more