Guillaume Paumier

  1. My life as an autistic Wikipedian

    Photo by Guillaume Paumier freely licensed under CC-BY-SA 4.0.

    Two years ago, I discovered that I was on the autism spectrum. As I learned more about myself and the way my brain worked, I started to look at past experiences through the lens of this newly-found aspect. In this essay, I share some of what I’ve learned along the way about my successes, my failures, and many things that confused me in the past, notably in my experiences in the Wikimedia movemen... Read more

  2. Cleaning up file metadata, for humans and robots

    MrMetadata screenshot

    A short while after Wikipedia was created in 2001, contributors started to upload pictures to the site to illustrate articles. Over the years, Wikimedians have accumulated over 22 million files on Wikimedia Commons, the central media repository that all Wikimedia sites can pull from. In addition, nearly 2.5 million other files are spread out across hundreds of individual wikis. MediaWiki, the soft... Read more

  3. Wikimedia engineering report, August 2014


    Major news in August includes: the Wikimania 2014 conference in London, and the associated hackathon; a statement on Wikipedia Zero and net neutrality; progress on the new content translation tool and its passing the milestone of 100 translated articles.... Read more

  4. Wikimedia engineering report, July 2014


    Major news in July include: a recap of how the Operations team collaborated with the RIPE NCC to measure the delivery of Wikimedia sites to users in Asia and elsewhere; an analysis of the impact of the San Francisco data center on the speed of Wikimedia sites; the launch of the new native Wikipedia app for iOS; a first look at the content translation tool. Note: We’re also providing a shorte... Read more

  5. Wikimedia engineering report, June 2014

    <a href="">"Flow update for WMF Metrics presentation"</a> by <a href="">S Page (WMF)</a>, under <a href="">CC-BY-SA-3.0</a>

    Major news in June include: the release of the new Wikipedia for Android app, preceded by its beta version; the decision to move away from Bugzilla in favor of Phabricator; A new tablet view for Wikimedia sites. Note: We’re also providing a shorter, simpler and translatable version of this report that does not assume specialized technical knowledge.... Read more

  6. Wikimedia engineering report, May 2014

    Major news in May include: changes to the mobile site to better show the editors behind the curtain; the announcement of CyrusOne in Dallas as the location of the new Wikimedia data center; the Zürich hackathon and Lila Tretikov’s perspective on it; experiments by the Growth team to encourage more contributors to register; the one-year anniversary of the launch of Tech News; the launch of W... Read more

  7. On our way to Phabricator


    Later this year, we’ll say good-bye to Bugzilla, our bug tracking platform, and migrate its content to another software called Phabricator. This will be an opportunity to centralize our various project and product management tools into a single platform, making it easier to follow technical discussions you’re interested in. This is the result of a six-month community review and discuss... Read more

  8. Celebrating one year of Tech News

    Tech News is translated into about a dozen languages each week. Over the past year, we’ve seen translations into 49 different languages and dialects. On this day one year ago, we published the first issue of Tech News, a multilingual weekly newsletter that aims at providing up-to-date information about technical changes likely to affect the everyday work of the Wikimedia community. Created a... Read more

  9. Wikimedia engineering report, April 2014

    Major news in April include: the change of format of MediaWiki localization files from PHP to JSON, and the associated modernization of the LocalisationUpdate extension; the move of Wikimedia Labs to a new data center; the “Heartbleed” security vulnerability and how the Wikimedia Foundation’s team responded to it; an explanation of how the Mobile team uses Trello to plan their developmen... Read more

  10. Tech wizards behind Wikipedia meet in Zürich for hackathon

    "Hackathon - Zürich - 2014 - 3" by Ludo29, under CC-BY-SA-3.0

    More than 150 developers, engineers, sysadmins, and technology enthusiasts have gathered in Zürich this week-end for the annual European Wikimedia hackathon, organized by Wikimedia CH, the local Wikimedia chapter.... Read more