Frank Schulenburg

  1. Let’s start talking about program evaluation

    Most Wikipedians I know – myself included – care deeply about our mission. We are highly passionate about our vision to provide free knowledge to every single person on the planet. And many of us invest an incredible amount of our free time into making this vision come true. Even though I have been editing Wikipedia since 2005, I’m still amazed when I look at the daily stream of Wikipedia’... Read more

  2. Measuring and coordinating Wikipedia’s university outreach: the Wikipedia way

    This month, we will embark on a new way of bringing the different parts of the Global Education Program together: We are going to host the first “Global Education Program Metrics and Activities Meeting”. The goal of this meeting will be to share our experiences in the field of university outreach and we invite all chapters representatives and interested volunteers to join us on Octob... Read more

  3. It’s all about openness

    In June, I travelled to India to kick off the Global Education Program‘s pilot in Pune. There, I met people who said: “I am a big fan of Wikipedia, but I am not good at writing. I always wondered if there are other ways I could help Wikipedia to improve.” We invited those people to become Wikipedia Ambassadors to teach others how to start editing. The beauty of the Wikipedia ... Read more

  4. Is Wikipedia about being a member of a club, or is it about building an encyclopedia?

    It’s good that some people (and I consider myself part of this group) get hooked on editing Wikipedia. We stay around for years, we become part of the community, we go to meetups, and most of all, we do an amazing amount of work to make Wikipedia better. Let’s get this out of the way first – Wikipedia can’t exist without those dedicated people. Is this the only way of being a... Read more

  5. Global Education Program A–Z

    Our new Global Education Program brings with it a lot of new terminology. What better way to organize an overview than in A–Z? Ambassadors: When we started thinking about how to involve universities in the improvement of Wikipedia articles back in 2009, it became clear that we won’t be successful without offering various kinds of support. We decided to create a new role for people who are ... Read more

  6. For Wikipedia in Education, the future is now

    In July 2006, Andy Carvin, host of the PBS blog, examined the attitude of teachers toward using Wikipedia in the classroom. [1] He asked: “Are educators hostile to Wikipedia?”. The answers ranged from one high school teacher who told Andy “Most colleagues had never seen Wikipedia, never intended to go there, and some had already warned their students that they were ... Read more

  7. First U.S. Wikipedia student club starts at University of Michigan

    Students start arriving at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor in a few weeks. Among the many choices of student clubs is a new group: The Wikipedians of the University of Michigan. Started by Cheryl Moy, the Wikipedia club already has 25 committed members who are delving in to editing and helping other students become Wikipedians. Cheryl, a graduate student in Chemistry, teaches students how ... Read more

  8. Welcome Wikipedia Ambassadors

    Next week, the first Wikipedia Campus Ambassador training will take place at the George Washington University (GWU) in Washington, D.C. We invited about 20 Wikipedians, students, teaching assistants, librarians and professors to this three-day training event. The Trachtenberg School at GWU kindly offered to host the training, which includes a basic introduction to Wikipedia, a training in presenta... Read more

  9. Wikipedia heads to school

    Today we announced a new initiative to improve the quality of information on Wikipedia and broaden our group of contributors. This project, the first of its kind for the Foundation and for any of our projects, was made possible by a generous $1.2 million grant from a longtime Wikimedia Foundation supporter, the Stanton Foundation. The grant will support a pilot program to engage current volunteers... Read more

  10. Wikimedia launches Bookshelf Project

    Maybe you’ve been editing Wikipedia for years. Or maybe you made your first edit a few days ago. Whatever your experience, you likely know at least one central fact about editing – that it can be difficult for newcomers to master the skills necessary for contributing to Wikipedia. We want to change that, and we need your help. That’s why Wikimedia is kicking off a new project, the Bo... Read more