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Erasmus portrait by Hans Holbein, from Le Musée du Louvre and The Yorck Project. Public Domain.

Wikimedia Highlights, January 2015

Last month, Wikipedia turned 14 and won the prestigious Erasmus prize; we reported on how Jack Andraka used Wikipedia to develop a new test for pancreatic cancer as a high school student; and more (…)

3D Love: This mathematically-defined heart shape is one of the many ways that love is represented on Wikimania sites. By Chiph588, CC0.

Love on the Wikis

How is love covered on Wikipedia and its sister sites?

For Valentine’s Day, we asked Wikimedians to suggest great articles and images about love, in all its forms. Here’s what we found together. Thanks for sharing the love!

Antique Valentine's Day card, dated 1909. Posted by Chordboard. Public Domain

Help find great wiki articles about love

What is your favorite Wikipedia article (or image) about love? As millions prepare to celebrate Valentine’s Day, we’d like to know how love is covered on Wikipedia and its sister projects. Share your favorite wiki articles, pictures, or media about love — from platonic to romantic. We’ll post some of your top picks here on Friday Feb. 13. (…)

"Карпатский 05" by Balkhovitin, under CC-BY-SA-3.0

Wikimedia Highlights, December 2014

Here are some of the top stories published on this blog in December 2014. They cover a selection of activities of the Wikimedia Foundation,as well as important events from the Wikimedia movement — from making Wikipedia twice as fast with HHVM to the winners of the Wiki Loves Earth photo contest. (…)

"How to Make Wikipedia Better - Wikimania 2013 - 59" by Fabrice Florin (WMF), under CC-BY-SA-3.0

A Culture of Kindness

Can we improve Wikipedia by being nicer to each other? In this post, I would like to share some ideas for growing a “culture of kindness” on Wikipedia: “Be nice,” “Help the newbies,” “Be friendly.” […]

"Structured Data Bootcamp - Berlin 2014 - Group Photo", photo by Christopher Schwarzkopf, camera and direction by Fabrice Florin, under CC-BY-SA-4.0

Structured Data project launches in Berlin

How can we make multimedia data easier to use on Wikimedia Commons, Wikipedia and sister sites? Today, information about media files on Wikimedia sites is stored in unstructured formats that cause a range of issues: for example, file information is hard to search, some of it is only available in…


Help Test Media Viewer

Media Viewer lets you browse larger images on Wikimedia sites. We invite you to try out Media Viewer, a new tool for browsing multimedia content, which is now in beta on Wikipedia and other Wikimedia sites. Today, viewing images on our sites can be a frustrating experience for casual users:…


RfC: Should we support MP4 video on our sites?

  A video of a cheetah, captured in slow-motion at 1200 fps. The video was released on Vimeo in MP4 format and converted to OGV format before uploading to Commons. It cannot be viewed in this format on most mobile phones and many web browsers. The Wikimedia Foundation’s multimedia team…


A Multimedia Vision for 2016

How will we use multimedia on our sites in three years? The Wikimedia Foundation’s Multimedia team was formed to provide a richer experience and support more media contributions on Wikipedia, Commons, and MediaWiki sites. We believe that audio-visual media offer a unique opportunity to engage a wide range of users…