Elaine Mao

  1. The Impact of Wikipedia: Howard Morland

    (This video is part of a series for this year’s Wikimedia Foundation fundraiser. You can support Wikipedia and free knowledge by contributing at donate.wikimedia.org. You can also view this video on YouTube.) Howard Morland discusses the design of the first atomic weapon The year was 1979, and Howard Morland had just uncovered a secret that would change the world’s understanding of atomi... Read more

  2. Creating quality articles on Wikipedia, from Nature fakers to Knut the Polar Bear

    Wikipedia editor María Atilano (User:Yllosubmarine) has always been fascinated by bears. In fact, one of the reasons she first got seriously involved with Wikipedia was because of a particularly white fluffy one. In March 2007, Knut the polar bear — who was born and raised in captivity at the Berlin Zoological Garden — became the subject of international controversy when an ani... Read more

  3. The power of translating cultural experience through Wikipedia

    It’s not always easy to relate to your parents. Aleksander Murshteyn understands this all too well. Murshteyn, 29, and his father, 79, are 50 years apart, but they are separated by far more than just these 50 years–sometimes, they can’t even converse in the same language. Murshteyn and his parents immigrated to the United States in 1994, when he was 11 years old. Previously, they liv... Read more

  4. Commons Picture of the Day: Scallop shell on the Black Sea

    For Wikimedia Commons contributor George Chernilevsky, the appeal of his Picture of the Day lies in its simplicity. “I liked the colors and very simple composition,” he said. “All the beauty of the world can be seen in very simple things.” Chernilevsky, who lives in Ukraine, was visiting the Black Sea with his wife Natali and his two sons, Artem and Vyacheslav, when he took... Read more

  5. Commons Picture of the Day: Landsort Lighthouse on a cloudy day

    The historic Landsort Lighthouse, depicted in today’s Picture of the Day on Wikimedia Commons, is the southernmost point of the Stockholm archipelago in Sweden. The lighthouse is located on the island of Öja, which is isolated with no road access. Commons contributor Arild Vågen (User:ArildV), who lives in Stockholm, took a boat to the island and spent the day there taking photos. In th... Read more

  6. Preserving rare birds for the entire world on Wikimedia Commons

    EOS 400D. In the winter of that year, he had one of his first experiences with avian photography. “I noticed a bird would come to feed on the nectar from a yellow Kniphofia every afternoon at around the same time. After a few days, I decided to lie on the ground waiting in ambush with my recently acquired camera!” said Harrison. “The wait was successful. The bird arrived, and I snapped a few... Read more

  7. Commons Picture of the Day: The Lys River in Belgium

    Joaquim Alves Gaspar (User: Alvesgaspar) captured this beautiful shot of the Lys River on a recent trip to Ghent, the capital of the East Flanders province in Belgium. It may not be immediately obvious just from looking at the image, but today’s Commons Picture of the Day was actually quite a tricky shot to get. The sky was overcast that day, which presented many challenges for Alves Gaspar. As ... Read more

  8. Commons Picture of the Day: A fisheye view of King’s Cross station

    Today’s Wikimedia Commons Picture of the Day depicts King’s Cross, one of the largest train stations in London. Colin (User:Colin) visits King’s Cross every day, and when he saw that the new departures concourse had opened on Monday, 19 March 2012, he instantly knew he wanted to get a picture of it. “[It] had been under construction for quite a while and was closed off, so you couldn’t r... Read more

  9. Commons Picture of the Day: Red deer stag in autumn

    It was an early morning in autumn and Luc Viatour (User:Lviatour) was on a nature path with a naturalist friend well-versed in the habits of deer, when he chanced upon this red deer (Cervus elaphus) stag running through a field. “The hardest part is the approach,” said Viatour, emphasizing the importance of keeping a safe distance. This image – which was selected as today’s “... Read more

  10. Commons Picture of the Day: Flèche attack in the Trophée Monal

    Looking at today’s Wikimedia Commons Picture of the Day (POTD), it may come as a surprise that the photographer, Marie-Lan Nguyen (User:Jastrow), is not a specialist in sports photography. In fact, Nguyen had never even shot at a sporting event prior to the day she took this amazing picture at the Trophée Monal, an event of the 2012 Fencing World Cup circuit. Nguyen took this photo during the f... Read more