Juliana Bastos Marques

  1. Wikipedia and university beyond the classroom

    In August 2011, I offered a course called Wikipedia in Roman History for an undergraduate History course at UNIRIO, Brazil. This was the first experiment in teaching with Wikipedia supported by the Wikipedia Education Program in Brazil. Now the program is well established and new courses are added each term, all of them incorporating graded assignments with Wikipedia though a variety of universit... Read more

  2. Things I learned through teaching with Wikipedia

    By Professor Juliana Bastos Marques – UNIRIO (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro State, Brazil) One late night in 2006, while I was struggling with my PhD thesis, I went looking for a quick reference for a Latin author in Portuguese Wikipedia, only to find out that there was nothing about him there (it was the Roman historian Ammianus Marcellinus). Indignant, I finally decided to register ... Read more