New Wikipedia for Android app now in Beta

Wikipedia Android app (beta) screenshot

The Wikipedia for Android app has a new look, and you can help test its new reading and editing features!

The Wikimedia Foundation Mobile Apps team has just released a beta version of a new Android app to the Google Play Store. This native app features a major design update and focuses on creating a faster and more immersive browsing and reading experience. We’ve added a history of recently viewed articles, so you can figure out how searching for that hot new Summer blockbuster led you to reading about the developmental biology of the jellyfish. We’re also featuring an interactive table of contents to help you navigate long articles and get you to the information you need faster and easier.

In addition to a better reading experience, this new app also offers the ability to edit articles, so you can improve and expand Wikipedia’s content from the convenience of an app. While editing has been live on our mobile site for about a year, this is the first time that we’re offering an editing feature within an app, and leveraging the speed and smoothness of native technology will make contributing to articles via a phone much easier.

If you don’t have a Wikipedia account, you can create one from the app, or log in to an existing account to keep track of your edits across any of the devices you use to contribute to Wikimedia projects.

Android users, help us improve this app! You can download it from the Play Store and use it alongside the existing Wikipedia for Android app. Test out the new features and design before it goes live for all Wikipedia for Android users and let us know what you think; leave us feedback in the Play Store or send your comments to our mailing list,

Maryana Pinchuk
Product Manager, Mobile

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3 Comments on New Wikipedia for Android app now in Beta

Mike Brown 1 year

hello guys if you don’t mind please try my new game, thanks ….

tvpm 2 years

Hi Maryana,

Old wikipedia contributor wikipedia bêta app tester, I’ve been searching for the on mediawiki but didn’t find it.
I just wanted to purpose little features to enrich the left menu :
– trends / hot articles (example for french wiki : )
– nightmod (the white of wiki crashes some eyes during the night)
– donate !
– around you ! (like in the in old app)
– something with the categories will be cool too !

Thx for all,

Mujtaba 2 years

This is great news that Wikipedia is offering Android app for its users. In this days of mobile computing, there has been increase in the number of visits through mobile, so it was necessary step. Since it allows editing on the go, that will add more flexibility to edit on tablets or convertibles.

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