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HTTPS by default beta program

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Now that we’ve enabled HTTPS by default for logged-in users, our next major objective is to enable HTTPS by default for anonymous users. We have a number of steps to take to arrive at this goal, including a couple important initial steps, such as conducting proper testing for load and shaking out bugs on smaller scale deployments before mass deployment.

For both load testing and shaking out bugs, we’d like to switch some Wikimedia projects to HTTPS by default. We’re launching a beta program where you can opt your project in for HTTPS by default testing. Signing up for this program doesn’t necessarily mean your project will be selected in the first rounds of testing, but it will put your project into a pool of wikis we can select from.

To sign up for the program, please get consensus from the contributor community on your project and add it to the list on meta.

Ryan Lane
Operations Engineer, Wikimedia Foundation


Programa Beta HTTPS por defecto

Ahora que hemos habilitado HTTPS por defecto para usuarios y usuarias registradas, nuestro próximo objetivo es habilitar HTTPS de manera predeterminada para usuarios y usuarias anónimas. Debemos seguir una serie de pasos para alcanzar esta meta, incluyendo un par de tareas iniciales importantes, como realizar las pruebas adecuadas para la carga y eliminar los errores a menor escala, antes de su despliegue en masa.

Para ambos, las pruebas de carga y eliminación de errores, nos gustaría migrar algunos de los proyectos de Wikimedia a protocolo HTTPS por defecto. Estamos lanzando un programa beta donde puedes optar a que tu proyecto esté de forma predeterminada en el modo HTTPS de prueba. La inscripción para este programa no significa necesariamente que tu proyecto será seleccionado en la primera ronda de pruebas, sino que estará en la lista de wikis entre las que podemos elegir.

Para inscribirse en el programa, una vez que se logre el consenso de la comunidad de colaboradores del proyecto, agregarlo a ésta lista en Meta.

Ryan Lane, Ingeniero de Operaciones de la Fundación Wikimedia

17 Responses to “HTTPS by default beta program”

  1. Dan says:

    Great. It’d be nice to see some of your other planned steps, including a timeline.

    FYI: two of the three links point to http:// resources, rather than protocol relative or https://, and for some reason this comment form points to, even though I’m on the https:// version…

    • Ryan Lane says:

      I’ve updated the links to point to HTTPS. We aren’t really wordpress developers or administrators, for the most part. It’s actually relatively difficult to support both https and http in wordpress as it doesn’t use protocol relative urls and we do still want folks from China and Iran to be able to read the posts.

      Maybe this is something we’ll be able to have fixed when the blog is moved?