July 17th, 2013

  1. The humming teachers

    At the annual meeting of Wikimedia Sweden, we decided that a video should be created about education and Wikipedia. The task of creating this video was assigned the Education Manager as a high priority. As the Education Manager then, I thought what a bliss to have such a creative task where possibilities are endless as a priority! I called up my previous drama teacher who quite recently had starte... Read more

  2. Wikimedia Commons Picture of the Day: Smoo Cave

    The second chamber of the Smoo Cave near Durness, Scotland. Florian Fuchs has been an avid contributor to Wikimedia Commons for over 5 years. The amateur photographer is from Carinthia, Austria, and is the Chief Technical Officer at the rescue coordination center for the Austrian Red Cross, On a recent trip to the majestic Scottish Highlands, he shot this photo above of Smoo Cave, a salt and fresh... Read more