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Wikimedia engineering March 2013 report

This article was written collaboratively by Wikimedia engineers and managers. See revision history and associated status pages. A wiki version is also available.

5 Responses to “Wikimedia engineering March 2013 report”

  1. Nicolas B. says:

    “Fresh, friendly instructions on reporting a technical problem”

    Fresh and friendly ? Are you kidding ? Instructions for creating yet another account, and for struggling with the dinosaur Bugzilla ?

  2. Nicolas B. says:

    Hello James,

    You can be sorry. The confusion is most to come.

    If I understand correctly, you are going to present one “unified” account with inconsistent prefs. So I will have one account. I set the prefs for it. Let’s say I set the history page to 500, and I disable the experimental features — which can have security implications. OK. It’s done. Fine. Then, one day, I go for the first time to the Tamil Wikipedia. My account is valid there, great ! And what are my prefs ? They are not what I have set ! I have the history page size at 20, and I have the experimental features on. I call that a bug. And a serious one. And am I even warned of this refusal to take my prefs into account ?

    Please, don’t do something this broken.

    If you unify the accounts, you definitely have to unify the prefs.



  3. Subfader says:

    I love these reports. Keep up the good work.

  4. Hey,

    When we said “merging” we meant that the local accounts on different wikis with the same name will turn into a single, global account, if they’re all from the same person.

    We don’t currently have plans to create a tool that would merge accounts together. On the point about global preferences, there similarly aren’t any current plans for providing these (beyond the shared account name, e-mail and password that global accounts have).

    Sorry for the confusion.

  5. Nnemo says:

    “Continuing work on identifying accounts that have not been merged with Single User Login, with the goal of merging those accounts starting in April.”

    Merging those accounts ? Depending on how it is done, this can be bad news or good news. Currently, the merging of accounts ingores the preferences. I refuse the merging of my accounts if such merging fails to take my prefs into the newly merged account. A contrario, if the merging takes the prefs I have set and has them applied and unified on all wikis, this would be great !

    Thank you.