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Wiki Loves Monuments 2012: the Belarusian finalists

Church of St. Alexis, Wiki Loves Monuments Belarus 2012 Finalist

This past September, Wiki Loves Monuments 2012 proved to be a success in Belarus. In the first five days alone, participants uploaded over 700 photos culminating in a grand total of nearly 7500 pictures at the end of the month. WLM organizers in Belarus encouraged participants to capture the country’s aging cathedrals and castles in Belarusian villages by compiling a list of attractions in different cities and regions.

Костел Девы Марии, Wiki Loves Monuments Belarus 2012 Finalist

Organizers hoped that the competition would serve as a chance to enrich Wikipedia with images of Belarusian national heritage, which will be shared with future generations. Their goal was accomplished as many photographers focused on the country’s gothic churches set against the unbelievable landscapes in various rural regions. The top ten photos reflect the contrast between churches that have been remodeled and revitalized and those that are decaying as shells of their former selves, illustrating the need to document these buildings before they disappear forever.

For more information about Wiki Loves Monuments 2012, go to and be sure to check out all all the finalists from Belarus.

Jawad Qadir, Communications Intern

Мірскі замак, Wiki Loves Monuments Belarus 2012 Finalist

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