Wiki Loves Monuments 2012: the Indian finalists

Rear Side of Taj Mahal, 1st Place, Wiki Loves Monuments 2012 India

The finalists in the Wiki Loves Monuments 2012 competition from India include these three wonderful photos. India was the country with the most participants in the entire contest, where over 2,200 photographers contributed nearly 16,000 photos. Participants in India represented 15 percent of the 15,000 total contributors from around the world.

Comprised of various ancient cultures that date back to time immemorial, it should come as no surprise that India provided one of the biggest challenges in capturing as many historically significant sites as possible. With the help of the Archeological Survey of India, Wiki Loves Monuments organizers concentrated their efforts on shrines of national and international importance. Chief among those monuments is the Taj Mahal, which garnered 1st place in the national competition. Shot against the red dawn, the image above takes an original look at one of the world’s most admired man-made wonders. Other Indian finalists include photos of the country’s revered tombs, temples and military forts.

For more information about Wiki Loves Monuments or to see more pictures from the finalists, visit Also be sure to check back here, where we will continue to feature the winner’s from the contest.

Inside the Caves, 2nd Place, Wiki Loves Monuments 2012 India

The 9 Stupas, 3rd Place, Wiki Loves Monuments 2012, India

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