Wiki Loves Monuments 2012: the Chilean finalists

Sala del Hospital Oficina Salitrera Humberstone, 1st place, Wiki Loves Monuments 2012 Chile.

The national Wiki Loves Monument jury in Chile culled through more than 4,000 images submitted by more than 300 people for the Chilean contest, the first year Wikipedians in the country participated. Their selections portray the diversity of Chile’s monuments: a decaying hospital room near the refineries of Humberston, the iconic Easter Island, and a glowing neon advertisement which was one of the first commercial items in the country to be declared a national monument. The judge’s picks also feature the twinkling lights of Chile’s bustling cities, the forlorn landscape of the Valle de la Luna, and the National Railway Museum named after the Chilean romance poet Pablo Neruda.

The photos are a montage of the country’s vast cultural heritage and magnificent landscapes. See the other Chilean finalists here. For further information about the contest, visit

Zoe Bernard, Communications Intern

Iglesia de San Pedro de Atacama al atardecer, Región de Antofagasta, Chile. 2nd place, Wiki Loves Monuments 2012 Chile.

Rapa Nui, Rano Raraku, 3rd place, Wiki Loves Monuments 2012 Chile.

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Matilde 2 years

Rustica y natural imagen, sala del hospistal nos remonta a muchos años atrás ,donde se hace presente necesidades,angustia y dolor,el motivo de paredes pintadas es de personas que quieren salir de un mundo hermético, vacian ansiedades en escribir cualquier cosa. A .La imagen de la Iglesia de San Pedro de Atacama, hermosa parece Iglesia llena de pureza, intensa luminosidad la hace ver real templo que toda persona quisiera gozar y compartir ( con el buen ánimo de fe ).
Rapa Nui, Rano …tallado y forma

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