WikiWomen Unite!

Are you a woman who edits or is active in the Wikimedia community? Or do you want to contribute to Wikipedia, but you just aren’t sure how to get started? WikiWomen from around the world have come together to form the WikiWomen’s Collaborative to support you and to support each other as we edit Wikipedia and her sister projects.

The WikiWomen’s Collaborative is a social media initiative, led by Wikipedia volunteers in partnership with the Wikimedia Foundation, which seeks to engage and inspire women to edit Wikipedia, the Wikimedia Commons media repository, and related projects. This initiative was inspired by the realization that in order to impact Wikipedia’s gender gap we must build strong networks of women who are motivated to take action. We want to find and connect more women around the world and encourage them to contribute to the sum of all human knowledge by editing Wikimedia projects.

Here’s how you can get involved:

WikiWomen’s Luncheon at Wikimania 2012

  • Like the WikiWomen’s Collaborative on Facebook and visit our page to share resources, tips on contributing and connect with other WikiWomen
  • Join the conversation on our WikiWomen’s Twitter feed
  • Read and write for the WikiWomen blog channel. Share your editing experiences, what inspires you to be involved in the Wikimedia movement and what you’re doing about it. Sign up to contribute to the blog here

We’re so excited to have WikiWomen around the world involved in this project: to share with you why we love editing, why it’s important that women contribute and some of the easy and fun ways to get involved in the movement.

Sarah Stierch, Community Fellow

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Sarah Stierch 3 years

Hi there! Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I agree that allies are an integral part of closing any type of gender gap. I also believe it’s very important to empower minorities – albeit gender or race, etc. – so they can feel safe and comfortable in an environment where they are not the majority. Our project is not exclusive – while it is geared and focused towards engaging women around the world, plenty of men like our page on Facebook, participate in the conversations, and soon we have a male Wikipedian writing a blog about women at GLAMs and a project he did in England with them.

Thank you for your support, and I do hope you’ll participate!

Hubertl 3 years

I find such an initiative quite outstanding, but I think it is problematic to reduce the participation exclusively on women. Otherwise it may happen that this become something like a minority statement. The idea is to achieve a common work to create an atmosphere where women feel comfortable and also are not constantly forced to have to adapt to the masculine form of communication and working. And this

Also I would like to work in and for Wikipedia together with women, I do this as a Wikipedian in Residence Vienna every day. The experiences that I make is by no means the that women want to work among themselves. It should be primarily changed the environment. This, I believe, can be achieved only together with men. Even if it is very necessary that women communicate with one another and also question their own strategies in a man-dominated wikipedia-world.

kellerkind 3 years

Coooooooooool! :-)

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