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Transfer of Wikipedia sites from GoDaddy complete

After months of deliberation and a complicated transfer, the Wikimedia Foundation domain portfolio has been successfully transferred from GoDaddy to MarkMonitor. The portfolio transfer was formally completed on Friday, March 9th, 2012. The transfers were done seamlessly and our sites did not experience any interruption of service or other issues during the procedure.

As the provider of the 5th most visited web properties in the world, the Foundation cares deeply about who handles our domain names. We had been deliberating a move from GoDaddy for some time — our legal department felt the company was not the best fit for our domain needs — and we began actively seeking other domain management providers in December 2011. GoDaddy’s initial support of the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), the controversial anti-piracy legislation in the U.S. House of Representatives, reaffirmed our decision to end the relationship.

After exploring numerous alternatives, the Foundation’s legal team decided that MarkMonitor could best provide the comprehensive services that we needed. MarkMonitor is a U.S.-based registrar with an office in San Francisco and has substantial experience managing other high-traffic domains. The company will help the Foundation consolidate and centralize management of all of its domains, will provide services needed to manage a global domain portfolio and will better protect our domains with additional security features.

The Foundation was already utilizing MarkMonitor’s brand protection services and we found their dedicated customer support team’s work to be exceptional. The use of their domain management services ensures greater efficiency in the handling of the Foundation’s trademark and domain name portfolios.

We have been very impressed with MarkMonitor to this point and we are confident we have placed the Wikimedia domain portfolio in competent hands.

Michelle Paulson
Legal Counsel

100 Responses to “Transfer of Wikipedia sites from GoDaddy complete”

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  1. ttyp00 says:

    c’mon, that was hilarious.

    party pooper.

    moderator needs a sense of humor :P

  2. updog says:

    Wow, I hope godaddy doesn’t go bankrupt, transferring a few domains away is really going to hurt their bottom line!

  3. Mike says:

    I applaud your decision, thanks for keeping us updated!

  4. ezbet says:

    I never have registered a domain on GoDaddy because of their SOPA support.

  5. ttyp00 says:

    In Project Wikimedia, good news *has* a name. Her name is Michelle Paulson.

    Her name is Michelle Paulson.

    Her name is Michelle Paulson.

    Her name is Michelle Paulson.

  6. congratulations on the transfers. we’re about 90% done with ours. :)

  7. pfless says:

    Wikipedia continues to show how loyal they are to their customers. Gotta love it!

  8. finaiized says:

    To fjpoblam – it takes time to transfer domains; it is not something you can do in just a day.

  9. I agree, GoDaddy isn’t the most reliable domain registrar.

  10. fjpoblam says:

    Thank you. Consistent with your blackout. You’ve walked the walk *after* talking the talk, but good enough.

  11. Nick says:

    Surprised you didn’t move your domains outside of the US. Surely, the US is to blame for SOPA, not GoDaddy?

  12. NT says:

    Go Wikis!

  13. jacob hansen says:

    Well done WP!
    Your actions and commitments are recognized, and I will truly keep this in mind in my support to your site.

  14. Job well done! GoDaddy’s position on SOPA also helped MY future domain decisions.

  15. instinct says:

    gud move., godaddy support is awful.,

  16. Tom says:

    All hail Wikipedia!

  17. Brandon Littlefield says:

    Great move! :)

  18. Stephanie Palmer says:

    I have been for years, seriously disheartened by many of GoDaddy’s decisions and policies that are not limited to their political viewpoints.

    Thanks much for switching away from GoDaddy. I truly hope more sites will follow your example!

  19. I’m glad. GoDaddy is an awful company.