September, 2011

  1. The Localisation team brings you input methods

    Sanskrit Wiktionary with the Chrome browser demonstrates issues for the Localisation team. This #Wiktionary screen shot shows the first iteration of the language support that will be brought to MediaWiki by the Wikimedia Localisation team. It makes it possible for people with a standard US keyboard to emulate a keyboard appropriate for their language. Narayam, the MediaWiki extension, was original... Read more

  2. New mobile site launched on Wikipedia, soon for sister wikis too.

    Thanks to Patrick Reilly, Asher Feldman, many volunteers developers, and lots of testers, we’ve now launched our new Mobile gateway, powered by the MobileFrontend MediaWiki extension. It is enabled on Wikipedia, and will be rolled out to its sister sites gradually. The launch went very smoothly, and barring any major issue in the next weeks, we’ll take off the beta icon. We’ve learned a ton ... Read more

  3. Results from first Wikipedia Ambassador survey

    The first generation of Wikipedia Ambassadors participated in a survey when the Public Policy Initiative wrapped up this summer. More than 80 respondents (over half of the 2010-2011 Ambassadors!) provided input about their experiences and how to improve the program. Many Wikimedia Foundation blog followers are probably familiar with the Initiative’s development of the Ambassador Program to o... Read more

  4. Ushahidi to Track Breaking News Trends on Wikipedia

    When news breaks, Wikipedians all over the world–in scores of languages– help news followers understand and filter the news by curating and summarizing it as quickly and as accurately as possible. Editors essentially distill the universe of news down so that readers can quickly understand the bigger picture without having to navigate through a cyclone of articles and headlines. Due to ... Read more

  5. Asteroid Shower Helps Propel Hungarian Wikipedia to 200,000 Articles at Warp Speed

    Growing at a steady pace of about 100 articles a day, the Hungarian Wikipedia was recently propelled into warp-speed by a shower of 350 articles about asteroids, helping the encyclopedia hit a 200K article milestone this weekend. On Saturday, September 10 at 02:08 UTC the 200,000th article was added to the encyclopedia. Interestingly, the record-breaking article was *not* about asteroids, but abou... Read more

  6. Fundraiser engineering heats up: Sprints 5 & 6 update

    The last three weeks have flown by as fundraiser engineering starts to heat up.  Aside from the usual bug fixes and cool new features, we added a new member to the team, made some modifications to our development process and began tackling one of our biggest challenges this year: integrating with a new payment service provider. Highlights Jeremy Postlethwaite joined the engineering team and is qu... Read more

  7. Wikimedia Foundation Report, August 2011

    You are more than welcome to edit the wiki version of this report for the purposes of usefulness, presentation, etc., and to add translations. Data and Trends Global unique visitors for July: 393 million (-1.5% compared to June; +9.2% compared to previous year) (comScore data for all Wikimedia Foundation projects; comScore will release August data later in September) Page requests for August: 14.2... Read more

  8. Pan-European Wiki Loves Monuments Contest Receives 15,000 Images From More Than 1,000 Participants and Counting

    Congratulations to the 13 European chapters and three independent Wikimedia volunteer groups on their successful launch of the first-ever pan-European Wiki Loves Monuments photography contest. Since its September 1st launch, more than 15,000 images from 1,000 participants have been uploaded to Wikimedia Commons. Participant Basvb from the Netherlands is in the lead with more than 600 images, with ... Read more

  9. Findings from the Wikimedia Foundation Summer of Research now available

    For the last three months, the Wikimedia Foundation’s Community Department has been busy with our inaugural summer research program. Today, we are happy to share our summary of findings. We invited eight academics from a variety of fields to join us from June through August, in order to take an intensive look at the dynamics of Wikipedia’s editing community. We organized our work this ... Read more

  10. Introducing Wikipedia Editor Satisfaction Index

    The Wikimedia Foundation is working on new products and global initiatives to increase participation in our projects, specifically Wikipedia. To help inform the development of this work we’ve been researching the trends and patterns of Wikipedia editors, most recently through the Wikipedia Summer of Research initiative and also with data from the 2011 Wikipedia Editors Survey. While studying... Read more