July, 2011

  1. Brazil beginnings

    At the end of June 2011, we had the opportunity to visit Brazil as part of the Wikimedia Foundation’s Brazil Catalyst Project – a project designed to develop open and collaborative approaches by which the Wikimedia Foundation can support the growth of the Wikimedia community in Brazil. Brazil is a priority country for the Wikimedia movement, both for contributions to Portuguese and other W... Read more

  2. “Rate this Page” is Coming to the English Wikipedia

    Since May, the Article Feedback Tool has been available on 100,000 English Wikipedia articles (see blog post). We have now kicked off full deployment to the English Wikipedia at a rate of about 370,000 articles per day and will continue at this rate until deployment is complete. We wanted to take a moment to briefly recap what we’ve learned so far, what lies ahead, and how we can work with the c... Read more

  3. Shedding light on women who edit Wikipedia

    The Wikimedia Foundation has made a strategic goal of increasing volunteer participation, in particular by encouraging women to edit Wikipedia.  In the Wikipedia editors survey we analyzed the edit history of male and female editors to look at the key differences between the two genders. An analysis of self-reported edits by gender shows significant differences at the lower and higher end of the ... Read more

  4. Wikipedia in Higher Education Summit held in Boston

    The first Wikipedia in Higher Education Summit was held last week on the campus of Simmons College, a women’s college that participated in the Public Policy Initiative in the spring. More than 125 professors, students, and Wikipedia Ambassadors gathered for 2 1/2 days to talk about their experiences and plans going forward for using Wikipedia in the classroom. The Public Policy Initiative i... Read more

  5. Armenian Wikipedia: Part of a Bigger Battle

    (This is the second installment in a series of updates from the WikiHistories summer research fellows, who will be studying the history of different non-English Wikipedia editing communities and publishing their findings over the course of the summer.) I am writing this post from a nice, cool part of Armenia called Ijevan, where I’ve come to escape from the unbearable heat of the capital city, ... Read more

  6. Wikimedia 2011-12 Annual Plan Released

    Since the WMF Strategic Plan was released this past March, the realization of an ambitious set of goals surrounding Wikipedia’s progress over the next five years has been widely discussed among our community. We’ve now moved into the second of the five year strategic plan we’re pleased to share the Foundation’s 2011-12 Annual Plan, which our Board of Trustees approved on Ju... Read more

  7. Introducing the Wikimedia Research Index

    Wikimedia is in the exceptional position of having a thriving community of researchers who have been studying every single possible aspect of its projects for nearly a decade. Wikipedia as a topic for scholarly research, in particular, has seen a dramatic growth over the last few years, partly thanks to the effort of venues and communities such as WikiSym. Manually curated lists of scholarly studi... Read more

  8. Wikimedia welcomes $3 million gift from the Sloan Foundation

    Today we are very pleased to announce a great gift from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation.  For the second time since 2008, the Sloan Foundation is providing us with a $3 million, unrestricted grant to support the Wikimedia Foundation in pursuit of its main goals as outlined in our recently published strategic plan. As described by our Executive Director Sue Gardner in today’s press release: &... Read more

  9. Wikipedia editors contribute to social media streams too

    Wikipedia is undoubtedly the most successful collaborative online experiment in the history of Internet. Wikipedia editors spend hours writing and researching articles that have made the project the success that it is today. But have you ever wondered what other online activities Wikipedia editors participate in? Results from the Editor Survey, April 2011, show that apart from the time that they s... Read more

  10. More than 15 countries participating in Wiki Loves Monuments 2011

    Wiki Loves Monuments is a photo contest centered around Monuments that will take place this September throughout Europe.  In 2010 a version of  the contest was already successfully held in the Netherlands – with more than 12,500 photos submitted by more than 250 participants (see earlier blog post). Starting in September more than 15 countries, from Portugal to Estonia, will organize their... Read more