March, 2011

  1. Project ideas, students, and mentors wanted for Google Summer of Code

    Wikimedia is participating in the Google Summer of Code program. The MediaWiki community is looking for students, mentors and project ideas.... Read more

  2. Campus Ambassador program tackles gender gap

    A key piece of Wikimedia’s strategic plan is to close the gender gap by encouraging more women to participate in projects. One area where we already see progress is the Wikipedia Ambassadors program, developed in conjunction with the Public Policy Initiative. During the 2010-11 academic year, university students across the United States are writing Wikipedia articles as part of their cou... Read more

  3. Article Feedback Pilot: Next Version

    On March 14, we launched v2.0 of the Article Feedback Tool.  Version 2.0 is represents a continuation of the work we started last September.  To quickly recap, the tool was originally launched as a part of the Public Policy Initiative.  In November, the feature was added to about 50-60 articles on the English Wikipedia, in addition to the Public Policy articles.  The purpose of adding the tool... Read more

  4. Welcoming more ubuntu spirit to the Wikimedia movement

    We’re excited to welcome our newest Wikimedia Chapter: Wikimedia South Africa (WMZA). This news is particularly exciting as WMZA is the first Wikimedia chapter on the African continent. As the 31st global chapter, WMZA has been in the making since August 2010, initiated by a small meeting in Johannesburg of highly motivated international and local volunteers. The team was assisted by Dr Tobias S... Read more

  5. Presenting our 2009-10 annual report

    Today we released the 2009-10 Wikimedia Foundation annual report, the Foundation’s third annual report since 2008. This year’s report is built on our incredible vision statement, well known to just about any Wikimedian in our community: Imagine a world in which every person on the planet is given free access to the sum of all human knowledge. Well, we are, and this year’s report ... Read more

  6. UploadWizard nearing 1.0, preview available for testing

    I’m happy to announce that we’re getting close to a 1.0 release for UploadWizard, and we’re planning to deploy it to Wikimedia Commons by the end of this month.... Read more

  7. Update on Offline Wikipedia Projects

    The last week was a big week for expanding offline Wikipedia work. Right now, offline refers to supporting read access to Wikimedia content without an Internet connection.  This increases the reach of the Wikipedia movement by providing more opportunities for people all over the world to access the materials.  Some of the recent initiatives surrounding this project were documented in Wikimedia... Read more

  8. UI Design Experiments

    In 2009 the Wikipedia Usability Initiative performed research on how to improve the usability of MediaWiki by watching users as they performed various tasks on Wikipedia. Each of the problems that were identified were then matched with potential solutions which were then filtered by technical complexity and user impact. During the development process, yet more features were filtered out because o... Read more

  9. Site fixes this week

    We’re still in the middle of cleaning up some lingering issues from the 1.17 deployment, and despite our best efforts, you may see a little bit of quirkiness in the site: One problem with the site since the deployment was a problem with our job queue, which meant that emails that were supposed to be sent from the site weren’t.  This backlog was removed last night, and a lot of pent-up... Read more

  10. Wikipedia celebrates International Women’s Day

    March 8th is International Women’s Day, a holiday around the world that celebrates the accomplishments of women in all walks of life, as well as a collective reminder of past and continuing efforts to eliminate inequalities faced by women. On the Main Pages of Wikipedias in every language, there is a longstanding tradition of presenting a list of holidays and anniversaries. For a few, Wikipe... Read more